Saturday Copypasta: Are Women Human?

Daily Stormer
September 15, 2018

Are women human?

The main difference between humans and animals is culture and civilization.

Since it’s nearly exclusively men who create culture and civilization, ask yourself: are women really human?

In the long cultural and civilizational history of mankind, women have been near-worthless despite being pampered and privileged. They hardly ever composed noteworthy songs nor did they build skyscrapers or satellites

Even today, nearly everything women accomplish is only accomplished with the help of men or in a team with men.

Their main contribution to culture remains singing.

Their main contribution to civilization remains cleaning.

Their main contribution to society remains giving birth.

Thus it’s a legitimate question. Are women human? And if so at what ratio? 3 percent human, 97 percent animal?

Shouldn’t women therefore be deprived of all human rights and instead be governed by legislation concerning domestic animals? Isn’t that what they are essentially?