Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager: The Battle Between Truth and Propaganda

The White Network
September 28, 2013

shoabloger_banner300x241Translator Hasso Castrup, otherwise known as Shoabloger, discusses the latest additions to his website – propaganda documents by Ilya Ehrenburg and articles on the Polish-German WWII question. He and Carolyn also talk about the Golden Dawn arrests, the release of the long-awaited “Action Reinhard Extermination Camps” rebuttal-to-a-rebuttal, and Hitler’s Table Talk.  Some highlights:


  • How World Jewry works to destroy any nationalist political parties in Europe;
  • Propagandist writer Ilya Ehrenburg was not genetically Russian or Prussian, but 100% Jewish;
  •  Vincent Reynouard chastises M’bala M’bala Dieudonné for using “suicidal tactics” against the anti-racist organization LICRA;
  •  Had Hitler  stopped with the Sudentanland, could WWII have been prevented;
  •  Hitler’s Table Talk authenticity is confirmed;
  • Is professionally directed propaganda more powerful than truth in the end?



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