Satirical Children’s Book “Happy Burkaday Timmy!” Causes Backlash, Leftists Call for Censorship

Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016

The whole world has to stop when a Muslim cries

‘Bad Little Children’s Book’ is an adult book that features a collection of parody Little Golden Book covers.

I personally am against mixing things associated with children with adult humor.

For example, covers such as these:


Don’t humor me. And I would assume that somebody who is ‘morally superior’ and gets offended by things to the point of wanting them banned, would also find such things distasteful.

But no.

Nobody has an issue with the above covers.

You know what really triggers them?

Probably the only cover I’ve seen so far that’s actually funny

You can joke about child molestation all you want, but please don’t make the Moslems cry.


At the center of the controversy is the debate on whether the images portrayed in the book are satire or bigotry? One of the book’s online critics called it “disgusting and utterly racist.”

One cover titled “Happy Burkaday Timmy!” portrays a girl in a veil holding a ticking present, while another illustrates the “Rockets and Missiles of the Islamic State.”

A different cover paints a Native American family with the title “The Anti-Vaccine Kid and the Gift of the Navajo Blanket Riddled With Smallpox.”


Alright, all of the racist ones are funny

I’m sure there’d be no backlash if all the covers were about involving children in sexual humor, but ‘racism’ is taking it just a little too far.

Though it was released in September, the book was thrust into the limelight Friday after the book-related news blog Book Riot excoriated the tittle for its “racist, xenophobic and religious bigotry” themes.

There comes a point when ‘funny’ becomes straight-up hate and when that hate is straight-up racist,” wrote former librarian, author and blogger Kelly Jensen. “This ‘humor’ adds to the misinformation, adds to the hatred, and ultimately, makes living in this society more frustrating, difficult, and dangerous for so many. And this ‘humor’ is the kind of garbage that needs to be eliminated at all levels, particularly in publishing,” she wrote.

After a Twitterstorm calling for Abrams Books to recall the tittle, the publisher issued a statement Saturday standing by “Bad Little Children’s Books.” But come Sunday, Abrams Books backpedaled.

The publisher defended the book’s publication but said it would respect the author’s request and suspend future publications.

Yes, the author of the book cucked and said he doesn’t want it to be published anymore.

I don’t believe it would have been stopped at all had it just offended Christians. We all know Christians would have been told to suck it up and stop being a bunch of prudes.


Remember Goy, censorship is only okay when we say it is

It’s always hilarious when the same people who scream about Hitler burning books call for censorship.

Leftist intolerance and McCarthyism have almost entirely stifled free speech on campus, making it one of the least diverse and attractive places for debate and thought for young Eurocanadians.

Liberals are so open minded and all about being able to express yourself however you wish, that if your form of expression offends them it has to be shut down.