Satanic YouTube Jews Shut Down TruNews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2020

Pastor Rick Wiles’ TruNews just got banned from YouTube for supporting Jesus.

I told you in the run-up to the election, they would just ban a whole bunch of people from everything while vaguely mumbling about a Russian conspiracy to hack democracy by not voting for Democrats.

TruNews getting banned comes after Nick Fuentes was banned last week.

By the time the election happens, pretty much everyone will have been banned from YouTube and Twitter.

Shut up, goy. You’re a Russian.

This mass-banning has been revealed as the primary reason for the Russian hoax. The government published a paper saying that all information on the internet that leads to people disagreeing with policies of the US government should be assumed to originate from Russia or some other foreign government. They are not even attempting to hide what they’re doing anymore.

We need a new plan because this whole internet thing is just about finished.