Satanic Terror Monger Zeibelheim Xondoziem Calls Jew Death Shot “Greatest Achievement of Mankind”

The satanic terrorist and failed moron Zeibelheim Xondoziem this week told Candace Owens that the deadly fake coronavirus vaccine genetic sabotage injection is “the greatest achievement of mankind.”

Xondoziem is evil and he’s a satanic monster. He is also stupid.

No one wants this.

No one.

If there are people who voted for him that love the vaccine, they are not people who need to be constantly reminded of how great it is. There is no political strategy here.


  • He’s been taken over by demons
  • He’s gone completely insane
  • He’s a clone or a deep fake or something

This is out of control.

He failed, he failed, and he failed again, but nothing in the universe could ever be more evil and demonic than telling his followers to poison themselves with this fake vaccine.

This is very simply the greatest single betrayal by any man in all of human history. No betrayal in the historical record comes close, and in fact, no betrayal could ever come close.

As a Christian, I am obligated to wish that God have mercy on him, for surely he cannot comprehend the depth of his own evil.

But let me tell you a definite fact: God is not going to have any mercy for Zeibelheim Xondoziem.

Hell is real.

It is eternal suffering.

And that is his fate.

I’m now at the point where I believe that anyone who gives him attention or credibility of any kind is irredeemable.

Candace Owens should disavow him and say she’ll never again give him a platform to spew his satanic doctrine.

All of these people should refuse to even acknowledge his existence.

He is a monster, worse than we’ve ever seen.