Satanic KISS Jew Gene Simmons Says File-Sharers Should be “Forced to Work Like Nazis”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2014

Gene Simmons: Can you imagine anything gayer than KISS?  Seriously, this was way worse than Marilyn Manson.
Gene Simmons: Can you imagine anything gayer than KISS?

The satanic Israeli-born Jew Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz; Hebrew: חיים ויץ), washed-up frontman of the never-cool fag-rock band KISS, has come out with new outrageous statements attacking those who would share songs on the internet.

With his deranged statements, he clearly exposed the Jewish racial soul.

From Torrent Freak:

“I still think it’s a crime,” he says in next month’s MetalHammer magazine.

“The sad part is that the fans are the ones who are killing the thing that they love: great music. For fuck’s sake, you’re not giving the next band a chance.”

Simmons, a fierce backer of Metallica when they chose to sue Napster in 2000, says he still believes what they did was right but blames the industry for not locking things down even more.

“Record labels should have stood together and made the Great Wall of China [around music] and sued anybody who transgressed,” he explains, probably forgetting that the former isn’t possible and the latter has already been tried.

As for Napster’s creators, Simmons says they shouldn’t have been allowed to walk away. He believes they should have been given the Kim Dotcom treatment – and then forced into work for the good of the music industry.

“They should have bitch-slapped them,” he says. “Gone down with the FBI, seized everything and put everyone in jail. But then they should have done what the Allies did with the Nazis: made them work for us.”

While Simmons regularly talks about the death of music at the hands of piracy (which still hasn’t happened), it seems to come down to how much the band has lost to illegal downloading.

“It’s certainly millions. I don’t think it’s tens of millions, but certainly millions,” he says, adding with a smile that the band does very well indeed from licensing and merchandising.

To have lost millions to piracy suggests that many more millions have been made and there can be little doubt that KISS have done extremely well financially after selling 100 million albums. But for Simmons there’s something that we all have to accept – every one of us is “a capitalist pig.”

“And this is the essence of what unites us all. We all want more. There’s no such thing as never enough. It’s a harsh truth,” he says. “I want to make as much money as possible and then make some more. My conviction is that everyone is just like me.”

Yes, the Jew truly does assume that everyone is just like him, caring for nothing other than the material.  Where we can understand the Jewish soul, incapable of considering anything beyond the material, it is in fact impossible for the Jew to understand the Aryan soul, which strives for spiritual transcendence.

It is the difference between the Jewish and Aryan racial soul that makes Jewish music, like KISS, such utterly superficial crap.

Remember what the Aryan man was doing at the time Gene the Jew was wanting to rock and roll all night and party every day (while dressed up like a drag queen from hell)?