Satanic Antipope Francis to Dine with Faggots, Transgender Freaks and People with HIV

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2015

What would Jesus think of this?
What would Jesus think of this?

The notorious Pope Francis will have lunch with faggots, transgenders, and HIV-ridden individuals on Saturday.


Tv2000, a television network operated by Italy’s Catholic bishops, reports that lunch at the Giuseppe Salvia Detention Center was originally not on the schedule, but Pope Francis made a special request to dine with the inmates. A number of the estimated 100 prisoners are gay, transgender and/or infected with HIV, the report said.

The prisoners were chosen via raffle from the facility’s 1900 inmates, writes David Gibson, a top Vatican watcher at Religion News Service. Pope Francis intends to greet each prisoner after a short and simple meal, Vatican Radio reports.

Pope Francis has made caring for inmates a priority of his papacy. He washed the feet of Muslim and women prisoners weeks after his election as pope, and is planning to wash inmates feet again this upcoming Holy Thursday. Pope Francis on Friday also reiterated the Catholic Church’s position that no crime deserves the death penalty. Capital punishment, he said, is “inadmissible, however serious the crime.”

Even the popes of the distant past would feel disgusted at what the Catholic Church has become. It has been infected with the same modern diseases that afflict every other aspect of the West.

Yes, Jesus did dine with tax collectors, prostitutes, and other sinners. But I’m not convinced that Francis’s intentions are the same as Jesus’s. Jesus dined with such people in an attempt to coerece them to abandon their sinful ways and follow Him. Francis likely wants to accommodate these sexual degenerates, i.e., accepting them as “brothers in Christ” without coercing repentance.

Faggots and transgenders cannot be true disciples of Christ if they refuse to deny their sexual degeneracy and take up their crosses. Case closed.