Satan-Worshiping Jew John Podhoretz Deletes Tweet Calling Yang an Anti-Semite for Opposing Genital Mutilation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

The neocon Jew John Podhoretz tweeted out “great, another anti-Semite” in response to an article about¬†presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s vocal support for the anti-circumcision “intactivist” movement. After several days of the Tweet being available, he has gone back and deleted it.

Circumcision is a satanic Jewish ritual wherein a third of an infant boy’s penis skin is removed. Although it is a Jewish ritual, because of the Jewish stranglehold on the American Medical Industrial Complex, it is performed on goyim as well. It has never been clear why they do this to goyim – and the Jews have never tried to explain it – but it appears that it is a way to mark American men as being owned by Jews.

As Yang pointed out, parents are pressured into doing this to their boys by the doctors. There is never any explanation as to why you would want to mutilate your son’s penis, they just say “oh it’s just what we do.” They used to say it was to reduce sexual pleasure (which it does) for the reason of keeping boys from masturbating, but they definitely don’t say that anymore. They literally have no explanation.

Deleting a Tweet that is days old is a weird move. People regularly delete tweets within 12 or so hours, which is usually explained by having been on Ambien at the time the tweet was posted. But waiting days implies that there was either a whole lot of thought put into the issue, or someone else came along and said “hey, you should probably delete that.”

I think in this case, it is clear that another Jew came to Podhoretz and said “you need to chill out on that one.”

Jews truly are absurdly satanic looking.

Because the tweet is too honest. The Jewish concept of an “anti-Semite” is simply “anyone who opposes anything Jews do.” There is no room for rational discussion of the meaning or effect of Jewish behaviors.

You see this most often with Israel. The Israeli government murders Palestinians on a nigh daily basis. There are a lot of leftists who are the purest form of egalitarian who would never think an anti-Semitic thought that are bothered by all of this killing and stealing of land who speak out against the violent expansionism of Israel and are called “anti-Semites.”

On the right side, you see it with George Soros. Right-wingers see this man pouring tens of millions of dollars into funding the mass influx of Islamic immigrants into Europe, and disagree with this policy and attack George Soros, and the Jews label them “anti-Semites.”

Anyone called this of course protests, and it often ceases their criticism of the Jewish behavior in question.

But here’s the angle: I think maybe the Jews are right.

Killing Palestinians is a fundamentally Jewish behavior. Meddling in international politics to destroy European nations is a fundamentally Jewish behavior. Mutilating the penises of infant boys is a fundamentally Jewish behavior. So if you are opposed to any of these things, you are opposed to the fundamental nature of the Jewish race – whether you know it or not.

By agreeing with the Jews on this point, we get a much clearer view of just what exactly “anti-Semitism” is. And everything makes a whole lot more sense.

I think that’s a realization that the Jews most definitely do not want the goyim to have. They want “anti-Semite” to remain something synonymous with evil Germans stuffing little Ann Frank into a homicidal gas chamber. And they want it to remain a vague type of evil. They cannot possibly try to explain why it is that anti-Semitism exists.

Calling a Chinese guy an anti-Semite for opposing ritual genital mutilation comes a little bit too close to giving the game away.