Satanic School Shooter Brought Bird’s Head in a Jar to School Before Shooting

We previously reported that this shooter was talking and writing about communication with demons and also torturing animals. Now we find he brought a mutilated animal to school before the shooting.

Yet somehow, I don’t think the FBI is going to convene a council of exorcists to discuss the role of satanic possession in school shootings. Or the role of psychiatric drugs.

New York Post:

Ethan Crumbley brought ammo to Oxford High School the day before his alleged massacre – and administrators were well aware of the shocking red flag, but failed to act properly, a lawsuit alleges.

The 15-year-old suspect also brought a bird’s head in a mason jar filled with yellow liquid into the boy’s bathroom at the Michigan school just three weeks before the Nov. 30 shooting, the Detroit Free Press reported, citing the revised lawsuit.

The bizarre display was reported by students to school officials. But they allegedly downplayed its significance, and told students and parents in a subsequent email that the building wasn’t under any threats, according to the suit filed on behalf of some of the victims.

The day after the ammo incident, Crumbley allegedly gunned down four students and injured seven other people, including a teacher.

The suit alleges that school officials were also aware of a chilling tweet Crumbley posted the day before the shooting that read: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. See you tomorrow Oxford.”

After learning about the bullets and the disturbing social media post, the suit claims, school leaders should have reported Crumbley to Child Protective Services.

The principal threatened to do so the day before the shooting, but didn’t follow through, the suit alleges.

Maybe this is just incompetence. Who knows.

School shooters are pretty common these days. I guess it happens about once a month?

I remember when I was in middle school twenty years ago when there had basically only been one school shooting in the country, the school was evacuated and everyone sent home because they found a note in the bathroom that seemed menacing. They didn’t ever say what it said, but I talked to some teachers who said that it was not a direct threat and they didn’t even know who it came from.

Of course, when I compare it to my experience twenty years ago – you didn’t have this drastic general insanity among the youth. So it might just be pretty normal for kids to act like this and make various threats and then never do anything.

If I was a teacher and saw this kid’s face, I know I wouldn’t be taking any chances.

But maybe that is a normal face for young people now?

The plastics, the processed food, the (pre-Covid) vaccines… a lot of humans don’t look very human anymore.

It’s like humans are being bio-engineered to make their bodies more comfortable for demons interested in possessing them.