Sarin Gas was Reportedly Just Mailed to Facebook’s Headquarters

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2019

People really hate the Jew-run company of Facebook. Someone apparently hates the company so much that they decided to mail them sarin gas to advise them of the serious hate that they feel.

Reportedly, someone just sent a package containing sarin gas to Facebook’s headquarters. Although this hasn’t been officially confirmed, there was enough concern about the package to order an evacuation of several buildings.

New York Post:

Sarin gas, the deadly poison used in chemical warfare, may have been discovered Monday at Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters — where a mailing center was evacuated, according to reports.

The nerve agent — which can cause paralysis, loss of consciousness and respiratory failure — was detected in a mail bag in the Menlo Park, Calif, building at 11 a.m., prompting FBI involvement, according to Business Insider.

An emergency hazmat crew investigated the facility and at least two workers were monitored for possible exposure, but neither showed symptoms, fire officials told the outlet.

After a machine detected the substance, the tech company evacuated four buildings, three of which were up and running again Monday afternoon, according to

“A package delivered to one of our mailrooms was deemed suspicious,” Facebook spokesman Anthony Harrison told the outlet.

“Authorities have not yet identified the substance found … The safety of our employees is our top priority and we will share additional information when it is available.”

Quite frankly, it would not be a surprise to learn that someone did in fact send sarin gas to this evil Jew-run organization. Facebook and all of these other large social media companies have made countless enemies as a result of their biased censorship practices and arbitrary bans.

A significant number of people who relied on these sites to make a living have had their livelihoods stolen from them. All because these companies decided that they would no longer operate as neutral platforms. They’ve gotten into the business of administratively favoring specific types of content while simultaneously burying other content. And many people have been banned simply for expressing political views that these companies dislike.

You may remember last year when a female Iranian vlogger named Nasim Aghdam went to YouTube’s headquarters and shot a bunch of people.

She did this because YouTube made changes to their algorithms which adversely impacted the number of views her videos received. Their policy change drove her over the edge.

The point being is that you can’t continuously fuck with people and not expect some sort of blowback. If Facebook and these other social media organizations ran neutral platforms, there’d be far fewer people angry at them. But as it stands now, everybody across the political spectrum hates these large tech companies for this and a wide variety of other reasons. And out of those people, there is most certainly a number of them who are slightly off-kilter and are thinking about or are actively plotting revenge for the wrong that’s been done to them.

It’s no wonder why Mark Zuckerberg has a panic chute in his office and the company spends $20 million a year on his personal security. I’d be paranoid about my safety also if I ran a company that was deliberately fucking around with the lives of people.

Maybe if Facebook actually treated people fairly they wouldn’t have to worry about random people sending them packages containing sarin gas. The problem is that Jews like Zuckerberg are incapable of treating people fairly. It’s just in their DNA, as evidenced by the numerous countries Jews have been kicked out of.