Sargon of Akkad Needs to Address His Implicit Support for Pakistani Child-Rape

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2015

UPDATE: Sargon’s Response and My Response to His Response

Sargon of Akkad, who is probably the best anti-feminist YouTuber, has put out another video about Rotherham.

It’s good enough, but fails to deal with the core problem, which is that we are being invaded by an alien race.  Instead of addressing the reality that these people engaged in this child-rape program because they were non-White Moslems who have a completely different biological make-up and thus a completely different moral framework, he blames it on political correctness.  He claims that people not wanting to address the issue, because it was Moslems doing it and they didn’t want to be labelled racist, is the core of the problem.

This right here is, unequivocally, a justification for children being drugged, gang-raped and trafficked into prostitution.

Ignoring the obvious fact that if they weren’t Moslems they wouldn’t have done this, and thus if there weren’t any Moslems in the UK this wouldn’t have happened, the basic problem with his theory is that in order for multiculturalism to work, the crimes of Moslems and other non-Whites must be systematically ignored, in one way or another.

The covering up of Moslem criminality goes beyond political correctness, and becomes an issue of sustaining the current multicultural British social order.  If all crimes of non-Whites were reported and made a focus in the media, even the most brainwashed of goyim would say “guys, I think maybe we have to do something about these diverse vibrants, they are doing nothing but committing crimes non-stop, and giving them more welfare doesn’t seem to slow the behavior and actually may be causing it to accelerate.”

The Rotherham abuse program was not a few bad apples in the Paki community, it was a comprehensive effort involving the entire community.  Even those not involved had to have known about it and not cared.

And again, White people don’t do this type of thing.  Meaning it is not a British issue, it is a Moslem issue.  The British issue is allowing them in in the first place, but even that isn’t a British issue, but that is an issue of the altruistic nature of Whites being exploited by a hostile elite which benefits from a program of mass-immigration.

A necessary prerequisite of multiculturalism is an authoritarian system of political correctness.  Attempting to address political correctness without addressing the race issue would cause mass pogroms.  Political correctness silencing criticism of immigrants is the only reason we have immigrants.  There is no position which makes sense which says “yes, we need immigrants, but we need to regulate their behavior.” Because if you have an immigrant population you need to spend massive amounts of resources regulating, while they are costing you money and contributing absolutely nothing to your society, anyone looking at it is going to say “this is stupid.”

It is only political correctness which brought them in at all.

It is incredible to me that someone can understand the problems of feminism as well as Sargon understands them and then just be utterly brainwashed about the issue of race and immigration.  And he isn’t even willing to go as far as to make it an issue of religion, which even most mainstream Republicans in America are able to do, along with British shill organizations like the EDL.

We Need Answers, Sargon

Sargon has repeatedly stated that he wants the truth, and will go wherever the truth leads him.  He has said he is open to taking questions from his followers, and will respond to them.

Well, I’ve got some questions, and I’m sure you do too.

Let’s look at them:

Without political correctness as a motive for mass immigration, why would you have mass immigration at all?

You can go back to post-war England, and claim that workers were needed.  This is of course a lie, and was simply about undermining the wages of the British people, but even if you accept the lie, how is that continuing now, when there is widespread unemployment?  People are flooding into England and Britain to live on welfare, and the only thing which makes this possible is political correctness.

If political correctness was completely abolished, stricken from the minds of the masses, do you really think people would still want millions of Moslems and Indians living in their neighborhoods?  Is not the fear of being called racist not merely the reason people tolerate child-rape, but the reason they tolerate the very presence of these people, who, for better or worse, are not the same as us and thus make us feel uncomfortable and alienated from our communities on a basic human level?  While at the same time costing the British people billions of pounds?

Is not claiming that the British people have a responsibility to regulate the native cultural behavior of a foreign people, and if they don’t children being raped is their fault, a form of victim blaming?  I am as sickened and angry as anyone with the why that the local authorities dealt with the situation, but why should the community have been put in a position where they were forced to deal with the barbaric behavior of barbaric foreign peoples?  Regardless of the sickening nature of the council, putting the responsibility on them as a means to remove the responsibility of the Pakis themselves is wrong.  Why are these people our responsibility?

Even if the council and police would have used all of their resources to fight Pakistani child-rape, children still would have been raped.  There would never have been an opportunity to address it unless it was already happening, and without implanting each and every Pakistani male with a tracking chip, there would still be children being raped while the police were investigating the cases, just as it is continuing to happen now that it has become a national scandal.  It may have been in the hundreds, or even the dozens, rather than the thousands, but is vibrant diversity (codeword for Kebab stands) worth robbing even one child of her innocence?  If it is worth robbing one child of her innocence, but not 1400, then what is the exact number of children who it is acceptable to have gang-raped by Pakistanis in order to preserve the multicultural paradise that is modern Britain?Because if there were no Pakistanis, not a single child would have been gang-raped and trafficked by a Pakistani.  Meaning if you are a supporter of Pakistanis in Britain, you are a supporter of children getting gang-raped and trafficked – you just think it should happen less than it does currently.

We Need You, Stormers

If Sargon is who he says he is – a seeker of truth, willing to go wherever the truth leads – then he is obligated to respond to these questions.  What we need you to do, Stormers, is spam a link to this article in his comments section.  You can also Tweet him: @Sargon_of_Akkad, or email him at

It only takes a second.  I would like to have this man on our side, as I very much like him.  He needs to be given a chance to explain why he would defend child-rapists – and by supporting the presence of Moslems in Britian, he is defending child-rapists, whether he likes it or not – if he chooses not to explain himself, that is his prerogative, but I do not believe he should be allowed to go unquestioned as he blames the British people for Moslems raping kids.