Sara Duterte Just Means More Lockdowns and Forced Vax

I wrote a long thing yesterday about Rody Duterte’s choice not to continue as Philippine president. That article was relevant to the interests of Westerners, as I talked about larger ideas.

Today, I just want to note for my Filipino readers (there are quite a few): Sara Duterte is just Rody Duterte.


The daughter of Rodrigo Duterte may seek to succeed her father as the Phillipines president instead of pursuing reelection as mayor, the controversial leader implied shortly after announcing his plans to retire from politics.

Duterte, 76, is barred from serving a second six-year term as president under the constitution. For some time, he was reportedly considering a plot to retain the presidency by becoming a running mate for his long-time aide Senator Christopher ‘Bong’ Go on the election ticket, and subsequently replacing him at the helm following the new president’s resignation.

This scenario, which many Fillipinos perceived as violating the spirit of the constitution, will apparently not be executed. On Saturday, Duterte announced plans to retire from politics, while Go, 47, filed papers to run for vice-president with a yet-to-be-disclosed candidate for the presidency. That candidate may be Duterte’s own daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, who is currently serving her second term as the mayor of Davao, the third-largest city in the Philippines.

It’s not “may be,” it “will be.”

100% chance.

If you like being locked in your house, police at the entrance to your barangay, and being intimidated into taking an anti-Christ vaccine for a fake virus, then vote for Sara.

If not, vote for someone else.

I was almost certainly the single most vocal English-language supporter of Rody, both before and after his election. But this situation is completely out of control. With this virus nonsense, he has totally undermined the integrity of the nation.

I do not live in the Philippines (check the news – I live in Russia, Cambodia, or Nigeria or something – maybe even Germany), but I do care about the country and the people, and what is happening is evil. Filipino people are starving because of these lockdowns. Everyone in the country knows it.

I 100% supported killing all of those addicts. But Duterte has now killed more innocent poor people with starvation – particularly Cebuanos and other Visayans (Ilonggos and Ilocanos appear to be having much less trouble – must be a result of their magic) – than he ever killed drug addicts.

But for a Christian – and the Filipino people are a Christian people – taking the vax is a lot worse than starving to death.

Manny Pacquiao needs to run and he needs to run on a Christian platform against masks, vaccinations, and lockdowns. The Philippines has to be free. This situation cannot continue. No one believes in the virus anymore, and yet all of this is continuing, because Duterte is either corrupt and paid off by the US and the drug companies, or he’s lost his mind and is in some kind of a loop.

There is no difference between Rody and Sara. We all know that. Sara follows her father in everything, and if he gets too old to advise her, she will just do whatever she thinks he would do.

Again, I want to make it clear: I was the biggest supporter of Duterte, I am friends with [relatives], I supported him while living in Davao as early as 2007. I also loved Sara, and will never forget when she stood up to the rich people in defense of the squatters in Agdao and punched the baragay chief.

But Rody has lost the plot.

The Filipinos cannot be forced to take this vax, and they must have freedom to do business and live life normally. The reason I supported the Dutertes so strongly is that they gave the people freedom, and now they take the people’s freedom.

I don’t think Manny has very clear political views, but he loves the country and the people, and he absolutely would run on an anti-lockdown and anti-vax platform if he understood the desires of the people.

Maybe the Sinovac is not so dangerous. I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, because people should have freedom. And now, they are bringing in the Pfizer, which is pure Satan juice.

Based on what Duterte has done so far, he is planning to go along with America’s plan for endless boosters and endless lockdowns, forever, regardless of how many Filipino people starve.

Pictured: Me, telling my Flip bros to stand up against this hoax.