Sandy Hoax Crisis Actors Suing Hero Alex Jones for Calling Them on Their Bullshit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2018

Did the Sandy Hook shooting really happen, or was it a staged hoax by kikes to try to implement gun control?

A year ago, I would have told you “no comment.”

This year, I’ll tell you “no comment – BUT after witnessing the events surrounding Parkland, I’m no longer making fun of people who believe Sandy Hook was a crisis actor hoax.”

Whatever the case, telling people they’re not allowed to suggest these things or talk about them openly will absolutely have a chilling effect, and this case should be ruled illegal.

The Sandy Hook families made a conscious, deliberate choice to become public figures aggressively pushing a political agenda, and that removes them from pretty much all defamation and libel protections in America.

The Independent:

These days, violent events like mass shootings become breeding grounds for conspiracy theories. Recent lawsuits are trying to change that, by targeting one of the main reasons for this trend – Alex Jones.

Three parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting sued Mr Jones for defamation earlier this week. Mr Jones once said that Sandy Hook was “completely fake with actors” and his voice has grown louder since.

His main YouTube channel now has 2.3 million subscribers, double what it was three years ago. Part of that growth comes from his connection to Donald Trump, who has previously praised what he believes is Mr Jones’s “amazing” reputation.

Two other lawsuits, from targets of other conspiracy theories amplified by Mr Jones, were filed over the past month.

“It is clearly a moment where people are saying ‘enough is enough,’” said Danielle Citron, a law professor at the University of Maryland who specialises in online privacy, in an interview last month.

These suits are part of a growing trend: a woman in Montana teamed up with the Southern Poverty Law Centre to sue the neo-Nazi who ran the Daily Stormer website, saying it was harassing her.


Present tense.

Three parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook shootings are suing Mr Jones for defamation in two separate lawsuits, filed by the same Texas-based attorneys. The complaints say that Mr Jones and other Infowars hosts were part of a “continuation and elaboration of a years-long campaign to falsely attack the honesty of the Sandy Hook parents, casting them as participants in a ghastly conspiracy and cover-up”.

Neil Heslin lost his son Jesse Lewis, six, in the Sandy Hook shooting. Mr Heslin is suing Mr Jones and Infowars host Owen Shroyer.

In 2017, Megyn Kelly interviewed some of the victims of Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists, as part of a story on Mr Jones Mr Jones. Mr Heslin spoke about his experience of the shooting’s aftermath: “I lost my son. I buried my son. I held my son with a bullet hole through his head,” he said.

Mr Shroyer responded to Heslin in a video a few days later by claiming it was “not possible” for Mr Heslin to have held his son. According to the complaint, Mr Shroyer’s claim was based on incomplete information about how the medical examiner’s office processed and identified the bodies of the victims after the shooting.

Mr Jones re-aired Mr Shroyer’s disproven accusation days later, saying, “quite frankly, the father needs to clarify, NBC needs to clarify”. In that same segment, Mr Jones said “you can’t blame people for asking” whether Sandy Hook was a hoax or not.

Well, you would think they couldn’t blame you for that.

Just like you would think they couldn’t blame you for asking people to ask a woman about her real estate practices.

But they can sure as fuck sue you for millions of dollars and destroy your life with hundreds of thousands in legal fees.

That is something they absolutely can do.

I’m confident I’m going to win my lawsuit on First Amendment grounds, I’m confident Jones will too.

But this speaks to a larger problem of using the legal system to silence free speech.

This isn’t about Sandy Hook, just like my case isn’t about whatever they’re claiming it’s about. This about an organized campaign to shut down the rising alternative media, which the Jewish establishment rightly views as something which can and will destroy their control of the global narrative if it isn’t shut down.

The same people who are suing me with the stated intent of silencing my free speech have engaged in a campaign to make it impossible for my website to even be online at all.

This is not something they are shy about – the SPLC is an organization which openly exists for the stated purpose of shutting down the ability of people to speak freely.

And it’s the same thing with Jones.

They may or may not care specifically about his discussion of Sandy Hook conspiracies, but they do care that he has built a media empire which doesn’t toe the line.

The establishment freaked out when people called David Hogg and the goblina crisis actors and shut down YouTube and Twitter accounts over it, before running multiple segments on television trying to refute the claim.

That might have been because he really is a crisis actor and the entire Parkland shooting was a CIA black-ops hoax, or it might simply be that they are just increasingly angry that they do not have the ability to push a hardline narrative on anything anymore – because of the internet.

The idea that ANYONE with the ability is able to build a brand and a large audience online which questions the mainstream is terrifying to the Jews.

So these are SLAPP suits.

We need a law in this country that says that if someone sues you and loses, they have to pay your legal fees. Every other country has that. The SPLC has already effectively bankrupt this site – they sue you and then they shut down your ability to raise money to defend yourself, that is obviously a criminal conspiracy.

the goyim know - shut it down

I will say that Jones should have had me on his show to talk about my case. I gave him my word I wouldn’t pull a David Duke and shapeshift into a wolf on the break.

Also note that Jones has another lawsuit pending, where he is being sued by a Jew former employee for alleged racial abuse at the office.