Sandy Cortez Says She Thought Ashli Babbitt was Going to Rape Her…!

Well, this explains why Ashli Babbitt had to be executed – she was at the Capitol for the express purpose of carrying out a rape against Sandy Cortez!

Sandy revealed this information in an interview with some Jew woman. She said that the alleged violence on January 6 was “sexualized.”

Frankly, it’s difficult to tell who is sexually fetishizing who here.

I have sexualized Sandy and will continue to do so as long as she can keep those big jiggly donkers above her belly-button.

However, we’ve known for a long time that Sandy lied about being in the Capitol building during the protest.

She was way the hell out in a totally different section of the Capitol complex, where there were no protesters.

And yet, months later, she’s fantasizing about those big burly MAGA men bursting down her door and gang-raping her.

It sounds to me like Sandy is promoting her own sexual fantasy here.

Did you know that Israel used to produce huge amounts of pornography about Nazis raping Jews in concentration camps? The literary version is called “Stalag fiction.” It has a Wikipedia page. It’s banned now.

The Wiki claims that it was about Jews rising up and raping Nazis. But if you just go through and look at it, it is primarily about Nazi women doing BDSM on Jewish men, or Nazi guards raping Jewish women.

The fact that leftist women (and to an extent leftist men, at least BDSM-loving Jews) have sexual fantasies about right-wingers sexually brutalizing them is not really a secret. These fantasies are much more common than right-wingers actually sexually brutalizing leftists. Just if you take the example of the Nazis – there is zero chance that a rape happened in a concentration camp (let alone that German women in leather did BDSM on Jew men).

Seriously – go talk to a German sometime and see if you can picture him allowing his concentration camp to turn into a free-for-all rapefest. It’s stupid.

Yet, there are endless amounts of Jewish fiction about this happening.

If the instances of right-wing sexual violence against leftists happening in real life vs. being fantasized about by leftists are 10,000 to 1 (really probably much more), then statistically speaking, it is most likely that Alexandria is engaging in a sexual fantasy, as opposed to describing a legitimate feeling of being threatened.

Of course, all of that gets garbled in a woman’s brain – hence the fact that “no” means “yes” at least as often as it means “no.” All women have “rape” fantasies. In fact, rape doesn’t even really exist – it’s just a social construct. Obviously, historically, men didn’t ask permission before having sex with a woman. It was only the notion of women as property of their father that developed at the beginnings of civilization that kept women from getting bazooka pounded every time they stepped out on the street.

This isn’t just a political interpretation, coming from the fact that as a political matter, I am pro-rape. It is a matter of fact that before women’s liberation, there was no concept of “rape” as an infringement on a woman. The entire concept of “consent” was built to deal with the lack of a definite sexual order once women were sexually liberated.

Because of this evolutionary background, on a primitive biological level, women mix up fear of rape with a legitimate arousal at the thought of rape.

Whereas a man’s mind is an ordered system, a woman’s mind is best understood as a jar of bees, with each bee representing some emotion.

Generally, when women talk about a violent gang coming to rape them, they are sexually aroused.

You might wonder about Sandy simply drumming up atrocity propaganda – but what kind of atrocity propaganda is it to claim that she feared the MAGA boys were going to gang-rape her? Who is that intended to appeal to? The paternal protective instinct of liberal men?


No, it seems to me that this rape fear she presented was not some focus-grouped line of attack, but rather just something that was floating around in her rattled brain. No one was talking about “sexualized violence,” and I don’t think they will be talking about it in the future. This ultra-Freudian stuff is considered to be too much in the current year.

It’s fair to say that these strange comments from Sandy are an actual representation of her innermost thoughts and feelings.

In the old days, there would have been a lot of funny memes about AOC’s MAGA rape gangs. But at this point, there really isn’t anything fun on the internet anymore.

Daily Reminder: It’s Sunday, August 15, and while we now know something new about AOC’s sexual fantasies, we still do not know who executed Ashli Babbitt.