Sand-Monkey Cologne Behavior in France Post-World Cup

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 22,2018

France is catching up to Germany and Sweden in the enrichment category.

Voice of Europe:

Dozens of cases of sexual assault have been reported by French women on Twitter. In the aftermath of winning the World Cup, several women were groped and forcibly kissed in French cities.

The incidents gained publicity after a Twitter user named Kateya gathered stories of women and shared them on her account.

Under the hashtag #Metoofoot, referring to ‘Me Too Football’, similar cases were shared and attracted a lot of attention in France.

“Thanks to the guy who will surely ruin my thoughts for a long time, who took the opportunity to fondle my vagina and my buttocks while I was semi-conscious on the Champs-Elysees. I feel bad, very bad,” a Twitter user writes.