San Marino Votes Overwhelmingly to Legalize Abortion

And it was mostly women campaigning for it! Shocking!

San Marino might be a tiny landlocked republic with zero influence on the world stage, but that doesn’t mean it gets a free pass.

The Jews want – and need – all nations on earth to cooperate with their satanic New World Order program, and apparently, most nations are more than happy to give them what they desire.


Residents in the European microstate of San Marino have voted overwhelmingly to legalise abortion.

With all referendum polls counted, around 77% of voters backed the decision, while nearly 23% said no.

With the results in, Interior Minister Elena Tonnini has called on parliament to translate the result into law.

The move would overturn a law dating back to 1865, which has made San Marino one of the last places in Europe where abortion is completely banned.

Turnout for the referendum was 41% in the landlocked enclave, which is surrounded by Italy.

The motion passed by voters would allow women to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy within 12 weeks of gestation. After the 12-week mark, abortion would only be allowed if the mother’s health was at risk, or if foetal abnormalities could cause physical or psychological harm.

Under current rules, women can be jailed for up to three years. For the doctor carrying out the procedure, this can be up to six years.

Nobody has ever been convicted. Usually women who choose to have an abortion travel to Italy, where it has been legal since 1978.

But this does not always guarantee access. In Italy, doctors have the right to refuse to carry out abortions.

More than 35,000 people, a third of them living abroad, were eligible to vote in this latest referendum initiated by the San Marino Women’s Union (UDS).

None of this matters anyway.

San Marino is vaxed out the wazoo (around 70% of the total population), so even if one of its women manages to give birth ever again, the child will probably end up looking like that baby from Total Recall.