San Francisco: Tiny Homeless Man Attacks Asian Female Cop, Sits on Her Face

We need less cops but also more female cops.

It’s empowering to women.


A homeless man suspected of vandalizing property and shouting racist slurs in San Francisco’s Chinatown was filmed attacking an Asian police officer as she approached to detain him.

The incident happened near Portsmouth Square on Friday night, but videos of the scuffle shared online on Sunday show how the incident unfolded, as a female officer attempted to detain a heavily-built male suspect without any backup.

At first, the man seems to be cooperating, but as the officer approaches and puts on her gloves, he suddenly turns around and grabs her. After struggling for several seconds, he easily pins her to the ground.

Multiple bystanders rushed to help the officer, and it took as many as four people to subdue the suspect, before backup arrived around a minute later.

The officer was injured and transported to the local hospital, but her wounds were non-life threatening, according to local media reports.

Imagine the smell of that tiny homeless man sitting on your face like that.

Here you can see how tiny this man actually is, standing next to a normal adult male.

Random men from the street having to rescue a cop who is conquered by a miniature homeless drug addict is sort of a bad look for the general concept of authority in society, I think it’s fair to say.

Women of course actually believe that they are strong enough to compete with men, and believe that a police uniform gives them magical powers of authority. Asian women are probably less prone to this sort of thing, but women are women.

It shouldn’t be allowed for women to be cops at all, let alone to go out arresting criminals on the street like this. She was apparently operating without a partner. I don’t see how this benefits anyone.