San Francisco Suffers Nazi Bullying Epidemic as Little Kikes Get BTFO by Hardcore Trolling

Daily Stormer
May 12, 2017

Your average San Francisco school yard.

The San Francisco Bay area is the world capital in fart-sniffing, self-indulgent liberalism. If there’s anywhere where young people would want to go full-Nazi in order to spite their parents, it’s there.

Unsurprisingly, it seems the the region’s high schools is undergoing a Nazism epidemic.

SF Gate:

Not long after administrators learned a group of teens at Albany High School had been giving each other Nazi salutes in the halls and making racist posts on social media, anti-Semitic incidents spread to Piedmont High School, prompting an assembly and letter to parents this week.

“There was an incident with kids forming a swastika as part of a dance routine. There have been German words and salutes in the hallways, swastika graffiti and stuff,” said Rabbi Mark Bloom, whose son is a junior at Piedmont High.

Historically, “Swastika graffiti” have always been Jew hoaxes.

And not even good hoaxes, at that.

However, the Sieg Heiling, German shouts, racist online trolling and Jew hate are probably legit. Because, honestly, that’s just what the cool kids are doing these days, and I refuse to believe that an entire high-school would have nothing but stuck-up little faggots.

The incidents — which also included racial slurs, anti-Semitic slurs and offensive gestures — had been happening for several months and were brought to the attention of school officials on April 24, according to an email sent to parents Monday.

At a school-wide assembly that day, four students read letters about how prejudice and bullying had affected them and their peers, with each letter centered around the theme of a particular type of bigotry, exploring prejudice against black, Asian, Jewish and LGBTQ students, Piedmont Unified School District Superintendent Randall Booker told The Chronicle on Thursday.

There we go. The faggots are whining about being bullied. That settles it.

The kikes and Colored folk urgently need an attitude readjustment. And yes, that means bullying.

This is just a case of the hip, high-status people bullying the undesirables and signaling that they’re part of the cool emerging counter culture.

Don’t forget. In high-school, there’s two type of kids:

  1. Based Nazis who listen to retrowave, wear New Balance shoes, drink Red Bull and Vape.
  2. Little faggots.

Which one are you?