San Francisco Prosecutors Want AI to “Reduce Racial Bias”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2019

If you notice their skin color, you’re biased.

Whites are constantly trying to hurt blacks for no reason other than pure hatred for the color of the skin, so we need artificial intelligence to bring artificial real justice to our land.


In a first-of-its kind experiment, San Francisco prosecutors are turning to artificial intelligence to reduce racial bias in the courts, adopting a system that strips certain identifying details from police reports and leaves only key facts to govern charging decisions.

District Attorney George Gascon announced Wednesday that his office will begin using the technology in July to “take race out of the equation” when deciding whether to accuse suspects of a crime.

Criminal-justice experts say they have never heard of any project like it, and they applauded the idea as a creative, bold effort to make charging practices more colorblind.

Gascon’s office worked with data scientists and engineers at the Stanford Computational Policy Lab to develop a system that takes electronic police reports and automatically removes a suspect’s name, race and hair and eye colors. The names of witnesses and police officers will also be removed, along with specific neighborhoods or districts that could indicate the race of those involved.

Yeah, let’s just take a critical piece of information out of the picture. That will certainly be more just.

Imagine the reports.

“OBJECT did something.”

What did it do?

“It flew.”

Is it a plane?

“BIAS ALERT: Can’t say. ”

Okay. Is it a helicopter?

“BIAS ALERT: Can’t say.”

Well what CAN you tell me, you stupid computer?


The criminal-justice system has had a horrible impact on people of color in this country, especially African Americans, for generations,” Gascon said in an interview ahead of the announcement. “If all prosecutors took race out of the picture when making charging decisions, we would probably be in a much better place as a nation than we are today.”

Gascon said his goal was to develop a model that could be used elsewhere, and the technology will be offered free to other prosecutors across the country.

OH YES! The mysteriously evil justice system punishes blacks for no reason!


If blacks are “especially” impacted by the criminal-justice system then how about they stop committing crimes?

That would be a much more straight-forward solution than programming some weird AI anti-racism thing.

Studies have long shown that bias exists nationwide at all levels of the criminal justice system, from police making arrests and prosecutors deciding whether to charge suspects to court convictions and sentencing.

A 2017 study commissioned by the San Francisco district attorney found “substantial racial and ethnic disparities in criminal justice outcomes.” African Americans represented only 6% of the county’s population but accounted for 41% of arrests between 2008 and 2014.

The study found “little evidence of overt bias against any one race or ethnic group” among prosecutors who process criminal offenses. But Gascon said he wanted to find a way to help eliminate an implicit bias that could be triggered by a suspect’s race, an ethnic-sounding name or a crime-ridden neighborhood where they were arrested.

Yes, there are disparities because blacks literally just commit more crime in general. If anyone doubts this they can check crime statistics or go visit Haiti or Africa. It’s what blacks do.

The study found “little evidence” of biases, but it must have gotten it wrong. There’s no way blacks are really this problematic, so we have to keep trying to find ways to prove that they’re not really committing all of the crimes that they’re committing.

Or… if you can’t find a way to prove that, just report the crimes without reporting on the criminal.

Remove race, skin color, hair style, and pretty much everything that could help identify suspects.

After all, everyone’s equal.

Suspects are all identical.