San Francisco Officially Allowing Illegal Spics to Vote in Local Elections

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018

Say hello to our new voters! Don’t forget, Hispanics are natural conservatives.

Hopefully, if America ever gets invaded by a foreign power, they’ll avoid doing so in an election year. Otherwise, we’d have to give enemy soldiers the right to vote.

After all, they’d be in our country. Gotta vote.

God, I love democracy.


Monday the Department of Elections Issued Voter Registration Forms for non-citizens who are eligible to vote for members of the San Francisco Board of Education in the November 6th 2018 election. The measure passed in 2016 with a close vote of 54 percent to 46 percent following two failed previous attempts.

Yes, that’s what you do when you have an absurd agenda that everyone hates – if it fails, you just continue to try again and again until you get the result you want.

These people need to be put on trial for treason.

San Francisco is the first city in the state to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.

Local elections are just the beginning. Naturally, millions of illegals are already voting at every level of government – because voter ID laws are racist – but allowing them to do so officially is a whole new paradigm.

It’s clown world on maximum overdrive.

Don’t fret. Just put your red nose and white makeup on, and you’ll fit right in.

“As a parent myself and a former member of the SF Board of Education it is critical that the voices of all parents are at the table particularly those that have historically been denied a voice in the process,” said Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer who represents District 1.

“We want to give immigrants the right to vote,” said Supervisor Norman Yee who represents District 7.

Illegal immigrants.

Which is to say, criminal invaders.

If someone breaks into your home at 2 AM, he’s not “immigrating.” He’s breaking and entering.

This November will be the first election in which non-citizens can register to vote.

“Third time was a charm,” said San Francisco School Board member Matt Haney.

They’ll just try again until it goes through, huh?

These people are both shameless and unrelenting.

How about we hold a vote to abolish the 19th amendment every day until it passes? Why isn’t this a thing?

School Board member Matt Haney was the co-author of the resolution endorsing the measure. He says the school board was in full support of it.

“I think it’s critical that all of our families have a voice in the governance of our schools,” said Haney.

Not everyone agrees. Harmeet Dhillon is the Republican National Committeewoman from California. She says she voted against the measure in 2016.

“The reason I voted against it is that I think the right to vote is something that goes along with citizenship and should be,” said Dhillon.

Yeah, no shit.

Maybe we should just give everyone in the world the right to vote anywhere they want. How about that? Why should we discriminate against people just because they live in a different country?

The time is fast approaching when the people will demand that democracy itself be abolished. That time can’t come soon enough.