San Francisco: Mob of 80 Blacks Mob-Loot the Whole Place

What whites need to understand is that black people only act like this because white people were mean to them.


San Francisco’s mayor and police chief have promised “changes” after a night of massive looting, a crime becoming more and more common in the city, and one that’s driving businesses away.

Numerous stores, including Louis Vuitton and Bloomingdale’s, were hit on Friday night as part of a massive looting spree hitting businesses in the California city’s Union Square.

In a Saturday press conference addressing the attack on businesses, Mayor London Breed promised “changes” to the area that will limit car access after the “horrible” night of crime. Police Chief Bill Scott similarly pointed to infrastructure changes as a measure that will prevent future mass robberies.

“We have to make it difficult for people to do what they did last night. Pull up right next to a business, shatter the windows, wipe out everything they can carry, get right in their cars parked at the curb and leave,” Scott said, adding that eight people had been arrested in connection with what police believe were planned robberies. 

Some of the looting was caught on camera, with few police in sight and many of the thieves passing by police with no resistance.

This is just more racist rhetoric from the white supremacist police.

If someone enslaved whites, they would also be committing looting sprees hundreds of years later.

If we want to stop mob-looting in San Francisco, we need to stop white supremacy, which is the root cause of all black behavior.