San Francisco: Free Speech Rally Violently Attacked by “Critics of Free Speech”

Think about it.

We are being attacked by “critics of free speech” on the streets of America.

Where the hell is the Justice Department?


A free speech demonstration staged by conservative activists quickly fell apart in downtown San Francisco on Saturday after several hundred counterprotesters surged the area, outnumbering and attacking those gathered, including knocking one in the mouth.

A photographer working for The Associated Press witnessed a Trump supporter being taken away in an ambulance and an injured San Francisco police officer on the ground by San Francisco’s United Nations Plaza.

Team Save America organized the rally to protest Twitter, which it said squelches conservative speech. Members of the group wore red “Make America Great Again” Trump campaign hats and carried pro-police “Thin Blue Line” flags and U.S. flags.

Philip Anderson, the organizer of the event, posted photos to social media of his bloody mouth with a front tooth missing and another hanging loosely. He said anti-fascist protesters attacked him “for no reason.”

The reason is that they hate freedom and work with the Jews to destroy freedom.

The guy they punched is literally a black guy.

The media is obsessed with reporting the race of perpetrators and victims when it’s white on black, but for some reason, a white guy (probably a Jew, we can guess) punching a black guy in the mouth and knocking out one of his front teeth because he believes in freedom isn’t worth a mention.

To be fair, that’s one of the better punches I’ve ever seen Antifa throw.

Anderson took the stage at about 1 p.m. and was greeted by chants and plastic water bottles and glass bottles thrown over police barricades.

The event was canceled, although both sides lingered in the area into the afternoon.

No arrests were made, the department said.

Yes, of course.

There are never any arrests made.

It’s always an absolute free-for-all with these freaks allowed to do whatever they want.

In this video, it looks like the MAGA people were involved in a high speed car chase, fleeing Antifa.

It was like some shit out of Bullitt.

At least the priests are trying to do exorcisms on all of the demons that Antifa are bringing in.

But I don’t think that’s going to be enough, frankly.