San Francisco: Five-Story-High Mural of Your Retarded Mommy Goes Up on a Building

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2019

Some would say “Orwellian, Big Brother, etc.”

But I’m not really against having large images of dictators plastered up in cities.

The question is: why is our dictator a retarded Swedish girl who wants us to eat bugs?


The Bay Area has many murals, with images of everyone from Robin Williams to Nipsey Hussle gracing its buildings.

Now, there’s a new name to add to that list: Greta Thunberg.

A mural of the Swedish teenage climate activist, whose movement has caught the attention of the world, is set to be completed next Tuesday.

Located in downtown San Francisco near Union Square (420 Mason St., for all you locals), the mural features Thunberg from the chest up — gazing straight into our souls, lips pursed.

It’s enough to make anyone stop and consider their environmental impact.

And that’s kind of the point, said Paul Scott, executive director of — the nonprofit that’s funding the project.

The organization wanted to focus on art celebrating climate activists, Scott told CNN. When brainstorming people to feature, Thunberg was the first person that came to mind.

“If we can amplify her message and get more people involved and listening to what she’s saying, then we’re doing some good,” he said.

The overall feedback has been incredibly positive, he said. But the most critical reactions have been from those who haven’t recognized her.

“They’re struck by the image and want to learn more,” he said. “If they take the time to learn more about what she’s trying to share, that I think has an impact on most people. Makes them want to help.”

Oh shut up.

Everyone on earth knows who this little retard is. She’s been shoved down our throats by the entire media for nearly a year now. She’s as famous as Donald Trump.

This image is designed to remind people of what that bitch represents, which is “feel guilty, dirty goyim – eat bugs, pay more taxes, stop breeding.”

It’s ominous, that little bitch.