San Francisco: Annual Bay to Breakers Race is a Disgusting Display of Decadence and Depravity

Daily Slave
May 19, 2015

A typical sight at the annual Bay to Breakers road race in San Francisco. These costumes by race standards are of the conservative variety.

The Bay to Breakers race is an annual road race held in San Francisco every May.  Over the years it has turned into a disgusting display of decadence and faggot degeneracy.  Behind legitimate race competitors you have thousands of mentally ill Marxists and degenerates who walk or run the course.  Most are dressed up in weird costumes many of which have bizarre homoerotic themes.  A select few choose to walk or run the route completely naked.  Generally the ones who do this are the last people who you would ever choose to see without any clothes on.

Today was the day of the annual race and being in the area I decided to check it out for myself.

To paraphrase a quote from the former American President Richard Nixon, it was one of the most faggiest damn things you could imagine.

This is just what I saw in 10 minutes of viewing this spectacle.

Several fat out of shape middle age queers walking the course naked.

A nude man walking the race holding the hand of a young child.

A dumb Marxist bitch with a sign promoting the idea that there should be a government agency in charge of aborting as many babies as possible.

A number of dykes and lesbian freaks holding hands and making out.

Large numbers of weirdos dressed up in gay outfits depicting themselves as figures within the world of comic books, video games and Hollywood.

Numerous sickos with signs promoting gay pride and transgender agendas.

It was an absolutely grotesque sight to witness.  This was not just a small number of people involved in the race either.  In terms of participation it is one of the largest road races in America and there are typically over 100,000 people who traverse the course.  Considering the numbers I saw, it is likely that roughly the same number of people participated this year.

I do not know what else to say other than I wish I had unseen what I just saw.  However, it was a small sacrifice to make in order to report my findings to everyone who reads this site.

This race is just more proof that San Francisco is totally over run with the mental illness that is Cultural Marxism.  I have no doubt that this city is the freak show capital of America.