San Diego: Mask Cultist Pepper Sprays Innocent Maskless Normie at the Park

The disease of paranoia is now spreading wildly. It is out of control. People are barely holding it together.

This is all going to start cracking and it is going to start cracking badly.

Fox News:

A woman has posted a video of a stranger attacking her husband with pepper spray for allegedly not wearing a coronavirus mask at a San Diego dog park while having lunch.

“That is me crying hysterically in the background because my innocent husband just got maced for no reason,” Ash O’Brien says in a Facebook post that includes the cellphone video.

O’Brien told KGTV the incident took place Thursday afternoon at the Dusty Rhodes Dog Park in San Diego. They had brought their pug puppy to the park. She said the person who had the pepper spray was a woman wearing a face mask who was at the park with her dog.

“Automatically started saying stuff, us not wearing a mask when we were social distancing,” she told the station. “There was no one near us. Wherever it’s required we wear it.”

O’Brien said the pepper sprayer was also angry they were eating in the park. She said they didn’t know there was a park ordinance prohibiting food.

It’s unsurprising that the cultist in question was a woman.

Women and low testosterone males love this mask mania, as their nature is always fearful and obedient to authority.

Thankfully for the woman, the guy she sprayed was just a fat, feminized normie, like every other normie. A healthy man would have reflexively responded with violence. You have to be pretty darn passive to let some bitch just roll-up and get at you like that.