San Diego: Citizens Say Random Attacks by Homeless are “Like The Walking Dead”

Random homeless attacks are exciting.

This is part of what makes our city so strong.

Fox News:

San Diegans are asking police and city officials to do more to control random attacks by homeless people in parts of the city.

“Walking through America’s Finest City shouldn’t feel like you’re in ‘The Walking Dead,’” resident Aislinn Fava told NBC San Diego.

Fava hasn’t made it beyond the sidewalk of her apartment building alone since a homeless man attacked her three weeks ago. He reportedly punched her in the back of the head while she ran an errand to pick up a smoothie, and was then hit again as the man attempted to steal her purse.

The suspect, Giovanni Moore, was arrested and is facing battery and robbery charges.

“I used to feel kind of invincible,” Fava said. “And I felt really safe in San Diego and never thought anything like this could happen. Ever. And that completely changed on that day.”

The incident comes amid an increase in violent attacks in recent weeks, with the mayor saying homelessness has also spiked in the last year.

The San Diego Police Department couldn’t immediately provide statistics on how many violent crimes involve homeless people.

“We have an uptick in violent crime in general,” said Mayor Todd Gloria, a Democrat. “And being homeless is not a crime, but being homeless is not a get-out-of-jail-free card either.

“A lot of that has to do with the fact that during the pandemic we had to enforce social distancing rules in our homeless shelters,” he added. “That meant that literally hundreds of our beds have not been able to be occupied.”

Fava and other victims of violent attacks are asking city officials to do more to protect the public.

“The thing that really freaks me out the most is that there really wasn’t anything I could do to prevent it,” Fava said. “I couldn’t have seen it coming. I didn’t exchange words with this guy. Nothing. It was so bizarre, so random. That’s kind of the freakiest part.”

We are actually getting very close to entering into a utopian world, so it is very shocking that whites are complaining about something so harmless as random street attacks by the homeless.

It really does show the nature of white privilege. Whites think it is a problem to have to worry about zombie-like attacks by the homeless, while blacks are living in a world where at any time, someone could do a microaggression against them.

I’m sure blacks would trade an opportunity to be attacked by a random homeless person for a microaggression any day of the week.