San Anus Goes Full Vaxx, Says No Entry Anywhere for Unvaxxed Humans Over 12

Homosexuals have turned vaccination into a sexual fetish. They love their bodies being injected with mysterious and dangerous fluids.

Modern homosexuals are an artificial creature. Their existence would not be possible without modern science.

We saw in the 1970s what happens when a modern gay fuck-party scene gets rolling – basically, within a few months or years, everyone’s immune system collapses and they die. Even if you believe in HIV-AIDS (and I do not), they would still need their antibiotics to stay alive, as there is literally no way on earth a gay fuck-party can be maintained otherwise.

Historically, homosexuals were despised and had to hide in the shadows, which meant that they could never do a full on high-stakes fuck-party involving dozens or hundreds of men. It was San Francisco in the 1970s that allowed for this scene to first emerge, and the results were devastating, requiring immediate and expensive intervention by the medical establishment, who started working to make drugs to keep their immune systems alive.

(The way they did so is maybe neither here nor there now, but it was by creating the myth of the HIV virus, which was in theory going to infest your sons and daughters when they “made it” after prom. Of course, the condition of GRIDS, which had then been renamed AIDS, never did affect non-homos, proving that the virus theory was false. The homosexuals never apologized after having siphoned hundreds of billions of dollars in public funds to their project to keep their immune systems afloat.)

Given this history, the homosexuals, particularly in that Anal Mecca of San Fran, are the most likely to choose extreme medical intervention over faith in the natural order.

It is therefore not surprising that this cursed and feces-riddled cesspit is the first city in America to go full-vaxx.

New York Post:

San Francisco announced strict restrictions on unvaccinated residents, banning them from many indoor and outdoor gatherings, even if they can prove they tested negative for COVID-19.

The mandates, which go into effect on August 20, are in place to safeguard the city’s economic rebound as cases of the Delta variant continue their sharp uptick in California, leaders announced.

This is to protect kids, is to protect those who can’t get vaccinated, is to make sure that we don’t go backwards, is to make sure that I never have to get up in front of you and say, ‘I’m sorry, I know we just reopened and now the city is closed again because we are seeing too many people die,’ ” Mayor London Breed, a Democrat, said Thursday.

The most phenomenal thing about London Breed is that her name is “London Breed.” The second most phenomenal thing about her is that she is a woman.

Of course she wants to protect kids in the city of child molesters.

If all the kids die of the deadly Delta variant, who are the citizens of San Fran going to diddle?

Under the order, San Francisco — which has consistently imposed some of the nation’s strictest measures to counter the viruswill demand proof of full vaccination for customers and staff at indoor restaurants, bars, gyms and entertainment venues — including concerts and sporting events.

Employees will have a two month grace period to get vaccinated “to preserve jobs while giving time for compliance,” officials said. The rule will not apply to children 12 and under, and others who are ineligible for vaccination.

Residents and visitors will be able to provide gatekeepers their CDC paper COVID-19 passports, or use California’s online records. It will be up to businesses to enforce the rule.

Seventy-eight percent of San Fran’s population is already fully vaccinated, but officials hope the new program will drive that rate higher.

The policies of Anal Mecca will soon make their way across the country.

It will be used as the model for the rest of the nation, obviously.

The rest of the country has no idea what is coming their way.

Most of them bought the fake out from the CDC that the whole thing was over.

Remember when for a couple of weeks they said you could take your mask off?

The brains of the average normie still have that imprinted on them, and think this whole thing is finished.

People are so ridiculously stupid that it just makes you sick.

If the government could make you submit to all of this dehumanization, why would they stop?

The only way you could possibly believe that the government would stop forcing you to do things while you were still doing things is if you believed the government loves you.

I wasn’t really surprised that leftists and neo-Nazis bought that line with the hook, but what about normal Republicans?

Frankly, at this point, aside from the America First movement, the people closest to reality are the QAnon lunatics. The shit they believe is insane, truly, but it is much less insane than the shit the rest of these people believe.

And aside from their beliefs – at least they love America.