Samurai Fatally Shot by Police After Possibly Deflecting Bullets with Katana at Scientology Church

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2019

The world is full of mysteries.

It’s also full of niggers, browns and Jews. But at least the mysteries are pretty neat.


A sword-wielding suspect was fatally shot and by police and two officers were struck by gunfire during an incident at a Church of Scientology in Inglewood Wednesday afternoon, police said.

The person entered the location with what police described as samurai sword and was making a scene.

Police were called and there was a confrontation with the suspect in the lobby, police said.

The suspect was struck in the head by gunfire, and the officers were shot, one in the hand and one in the arm.

It is unclear how the officers were shot and police are working to determine if the suspect was also armed with a gun.

The person, described only as an Asian male, was taken to a hospital in critical condition and later died, police said.

“Asian male.” That explains how the officers were shot.

The samurai warrior likely used his katana to deflect the blaster fire from the police droids. This is a real thing that real Oriental men are able to do.

I’m not even joking.

Most of the things you deem impossible are actually possible. The limits you think you see may not really be there. It’s all in your mind.

Whatever happened in that Scientology church doesn’t change the fact that men are capable of much more than what is currently thought men are capable of.

One man is all it takes to show the world that it’s possible.

The Jews and their media brainwashing machinery keep our people in a constant slumber. They want people to keep their heads down and to think only about getting the next iPhone and buying stupid shit no one really needs that doesn’t really make anyone happy.

They want people to think greatness is just a thing of superhero movies.

They need the goyim focused on working stupid jobs for them to fill their pockets.

The answer to “can men deflect bullets with samurai swords” is not “no.”

It’s “yes, but only if they have what it takes to endure and go through the training that’s required.”

Similarly, the answer to “can we gas every last one of these filthy Jews?” is not “no.”

The answer is “yes, if…”

What comes after the if can be figured out.

We can achieve our goals. We can achieve so much more than what is thought possible if we work together.

Let’s overcome challenges together.