Caesar Salvini Says Migrant-Sucking Mayors Hate Italy and Must Resign!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2018

First rule of being an awesome leader: always take pictures with paramilitary forces in black masks. I would probably button at least one more of those shirt buttons if I were he, but hey – whatever. 

Matteo Salvini is the leader that every nationalist hopes their nationalist leader is.


In modern times.

When a Next Hitler is not realistic.

But who knows – this guy could go full-Hitler at any moment.

He’s only inches away, to be honest.


The times when mayors of Palermo, Florence and Naples could cash in on illegal immigrants are over, Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, vowing that those resisting the new policies will answer before law and history.

“Those who help the illegal immigrants, hate Italians,” Salvini said, blasting his opponents on Facebook and Twitter.

The minister from the conservative Lega Nord Party promised that the rebelling city heads will “answer before law and history.” And it’s no idle threat, as the former mayor of the Calabrian town of Riace is currently under house arrest on charges of aiding and abetting illegal immigration.


“Certain mayors look back fondly on the good old times of immigration, but for them the party is over!” Salvini said.

By “certain mayors” he meant the heads of Palermo, Florence and Naples, who he gave the choice of resigning from their posts.

The three mayors insisted that some parts of Salvini’s security decree aimed at curbing illegal migration to the country were unconstitutional and that they would refuse to follow them.

According to the new decree, migrants can no longer apply for full residency after a two-year asylum stay – but Palermo mayor Leoluca Orlando wants his city to continue this practice. Denying migrants access to health care and other essential municipal services would have an opposite effect and put them on the path of crime instead, he argued in the interview to the newspaper La Repubblica.

Oh so if you don’t give them free things they’ll commit crimes?

So this is a negotiation with terrorists.

That really is not the basis of sound governmental policy, and I do not think it should be viewed as very respectable.

Resignation would be too dishonorable.

These mayors should seppuku.

Salvini is an inspiration to the world.

May he live forever.