Salvini Orders Seizure of Aquarius Migrant Ship for “Illegal Disposal of Infectious Waste”

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2018

Salvini has just declared that Africans are potentially infectious biological waste.

Everyone was thinking this, but he just came out and said it, and has ordered the seizure of the migrant transport ship Aquarius for their illegal waste dumping.

New York Times:

Italy has ordered the seizure of the Aquarius, the rescue ship at the center of international criticism over its government’s hard line against migration, saying the vessel had illegally disposed of potentially infectious waste.

Prosecutors in the Sicilian city of Catania announced on Tuesday that they had accused 24 people of having “systematically shared, planned and executed an illegal waste-disposal project of an enormous quantity in southern Italian ports between January 2017 and May 2018. They said the waste included contaminated garments, leftover food, and medical supplies and syringes.

Those accused included members of Doctors Without Borders, one of the aid groups operating the Aquarius, and officials of a Sicilian company that manages waste disposal. According to a statement by the prosecutors’ office, the Aquarius and VOS Prudence, another rescue ship operated by Doctors Without Borders, illegally coordinated with the Sicilian company, which failed to declare the “presence of dangerous sanitary waste with an infectious risk.”

Doctors Without Borders denied the accusation in a statement on Tuesday, writing that it “strongly condemns” the Italian order to seize the Aquarius. It called the measure a disproportionate reaction designed to criminalize humanitarian and medical missions at sea. The group said it would appeal in Italian court.

The ship is already idled, sitting in a French port since September because no country has agreed to register it. The Italian order means that if it were to resume operation, it could not enter Italian waters without risk of being impounded.

In Italy, the Aquarius has become the symbol of a confrontation between rescue ships, which have saved tens of thousands of shipwrecked migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean, and government officials who have compared the ships to migrant water-taxis and say they are complicit in human smuggling.

In case anyone forgot, the Aquarius was the subject of a week-long drama earlier this year. It was the first migrant taxi that Italy refused, and it eventually unloaded its cargo into Spain.

“I did well to block the N.G.O. ships, I stopped not only the smuggling of illegal immigrants but, from that which emerges, also toxic waste,” he wrote on Twitter. He concluded with the hashtag “closedports.”

The Aquarius had run into several problems since it became the focus of Italy’s ire, including the revocation of its registration by Panama in September.

But the announcement on Tuesday that Italy would seize the Aquarius the next time it entered Italian waters constituted a major escalation. The government also seized some Doctors Without Borders bank accounts, the group said.

“After two years of judicial investigations, bureaucratic obstacles, disgraceful and never confirmed accusations of collusion with human traffickers, now we have been accused of belonging to a waste trafficking criminal organization,” said Karline Kleijer, who is in charge of emergency services for Doctors Without Borders.

Potentially infectious biological waste.

“It is the extreme and troubling attempt to stop, at whatever cost, our search-and-rescue missions at sea.”

The group said that it had always followed standard procedures and that the relevant authorities had never raised any concerns about its practices since it began its missions in 2015. It said it would cooperate fully with Italian authorities.

“The only crime we see in the Mediterranean today is the total dismantlement of the search-and-rescue system,” said Gabriele Eminente, the general director of Doctors Without Borders in Italy.

“Today,” he said, political pressure had led the Aquarius to be “blocked in the port of Marseille.”

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Indeed, “pathological altruism” was a false explanation for this behavior. These people are driven by sexual perversions and resentment for their parents.

I applaud the Italian government for their clever use of legal double meanings.

More importantly, this action demonstrates that Salvini is looking beyond defending Italy, and is making his first moves to disrupt the migrant smugglers wherever they can be found.

Putting Italy first means recognizing that Italy is safer if her European neighbors do not become gang-rape caliphates. This symbolic action shows a spirit of true European solidarity, one which the EU is growing unable to contain.