Salvini Calls for Aid! Will Russia Answer?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2018

So Salvini gave this exclusive interview to Vesti.

Vesti, if you don’t know – no reason you should tbh, not trying to be mean – is one of Russia’s main channels. It’s gubmint owned.

I think it’s significant that Salvini chose Vesti for his first interview, don’t you?

There is a lot of cucking in this interview as well as some good points.

Looks like Salvini thinks that letting in the “good” refugees as opposed to the “bad” refugees is a reasonable policy.

I don’t know if he’s saying this to come off as moderate, but Salvini, bro, do you really think they’re going to cut you some slack after you said you wanted to deport half a million Africans?

I don’t think so. I really think you’re in deep here, mate. You’ve swum halfway out into the Mediterranean. You can choose to go forward or back, but its equidistant at this point, and the longer you tread water, the more tired you’re going to get and closer to foundering.

Keep pushing ahead, Salvini.

You’re gonna get statues dedicated to you someday if you stay the course. If not, you’ll be forgotten and memory-holed. Think about your legacy my man.


He talked about lifting sanctions on Russia and the absurd fearmongering in Europe about Russia as of late.

Wanting closer ties with Russia makes sense. The Italians have always been chummy with the Russkies. Even during the Cold War, they were making oil and gas deals with the Russians. The CIA killed off the CEO of Eni – and the journalist investigating his death – who was hellbent on breaking up the monopoly of the American “Seven Sisters” oil companies by dealing with the Russkies instead.

So yeah, Italy has always had an independent streak and tried to wriggle free of NATO and American hegemony.

Usually, countries that try to do that need to court a rival superpower.

…or something that resembles one.

And then it’s all about a delicate balancing act, pitting the two against one another to maintain some autonomy.

I think that’s Salvini’s plan. He sure as shit isn’t going to get help from the EU or the US – both of whom seem to want to flood the continent with Moslems and Blacks.

Salvini probably thinks Russia is his savior. His ace in the hole.

We’ll see.

Hopefully, the Russians won’t stare a gift-horse in the mouth like they often do. Israel Shamir (self-hater) had a good explanation of the Russian mentality and why it’s frustrating to see how time and time again, they miss an opportunity to do something useful.

He uses the example of Assange, which, I think fits very well to most situations of Western dissidents bucking the globo-homo-Judeo establishment line.


It is said that Assange was in cahoots with the Russians, that they guided him and provided with the stuff they hacked and even that “Wikileaks is a Front for Russian Intelligence”. As a matter of fact, Russians were extremely hesitant to have anything to do with Assange. They could not believe he was for real. Are you so naïve, they told me, that you do not understand he is a CIA trap? Such people do not exist.

It is a problem of the Russian mind: as a rule, they do not understand and do not trust Western dissidents of Assange’s ilk. They want their western sympathisers to be bought and paid for. Free agents are suspicious in their eyes. God knows there are many people in the West whose opinions roughly coincide with those of the Russians; but the Russians would prefer to buy a journalist off the peg. That’s why RT has had more than its fair share of defectors, that is of broadcasters who denounced RT and went to the Western mass media.

A few times I have defended Julian on Russian TV shows. Usually my opponents would say: he is a tool of Western intelligence services. Wait, he will soon publish something really nasty about Russia. With years, this mistrust didn’t diminish. So for good or for bad, mighty Russia does not and did not stand by Julian, who was and remained his own master.

I think that Salvini is dead in the water unless he and his government deliver on some juicy gas deal with the Russians or something.

In exchange, he votes for lifting the sanctions on Russia or something like that.

It would be a good deal. The only question is, will the paranoid, skeptical and gloomy nature of the Eastern Slavs get the better of them?

Will they take a chance on Salvini and finally start actively fighting back against the NATO-ZOG-EU alliance?

Who knows man. Who fucking knows.

Russia is not a rich country. They’re getting throttled on all sides. I get that. But supporting Salvini? That would take almost nothing on their part.

And they need this.

When they were the USSR, they had an ideology that people could sympathize with or pretend to sympathize with to get funding and support in their wars against Washington and her allies.

What does Russia offer now?

A conservative power willing to support center-right populists in the West seems to be the logical answer. This is what they should be doing.

But think about how dim-witted and slow the average American boomer is.

Russia probably has a similar older generation still at the helm. Unable to see the new paradigm, unable to understand the colossal tectonic changes happening at ultrafast speeds in the West. Instead, this older generation has a mix of Nationalist-Communist-Orthodox beliefs in their head, each one contradicting the other, no coherency or consistency to them, no rhyme or reason to any of it at all, and muddling through is all they can do.

But then, I think most governments and intelligence agencies are like that now.

Think about it. Why would anyone with any talent or high IQ join anymore?

You don’t get paid much, you live a dangerous life of secrecy and stress, and you can’t even get any social signaling value from it, because you gotta keep it on the down-low.

You have to do it for ideological reasons at this point. And what ideology does the West even offer at this point?

If you want money, you go into finance.

If you want danger, you pick up an extreme sports hobby.

And if you want status in society, becoming a DJ would be a much easier and more productive use of your time.

I think that increasingly, on both sides, we’re left with unproductive and uncreative retards at the helm.

I believe that it will probably be years before we see Russia’s government belatedly realize the importance of actively supporting people like Salvini.

I could be wrong, but that’s just my gloomy take on the situation.

And it will take even longer for them to realize the importance of supporting the next Assange to come out of the West.