Salvini Begins Migrant Camp Purge

Luis Castillo (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2018

It is nice to see Salvini doing something, while his enemies cry helplessly on Twitter.

It’s sort of the opposite of Trump raging on Twitter, while his supporters cry helplessly in their rooms. Salvini’s Italy has become a living “what if Trump actually had control over the government and the ability to enact public policy?” thought experiment.

Voice of Europe:

Italy has begun to clear the 27 illegal migrants’ camps in Rome, the first having just been cleared, news agency Ansa reports.

There are photos and videos showing that these camps are similar to the improvised squatters’ camps on Paris’ streets.

On Tuesday Salvini said: “Order and security. We want to bring legality back to Rome, quarter by quarter”.

“We’ll make other clearances, using objective criteria: four for dangerous buildings and 23 because they have judicial initiatives in course. We won’t stop: we mean to move from words to deeds”, he said, promising the removal of illegal squats.

The volunteers were quick to complain that animal control had rounded up their pets.

“This is how social issues in Rome are resolved: police and bulldozers. The 5-star City Hall is no different from previous administrations, or from the Lega. An infinite disgrace for this city.”

He needs to shut down these “volunteer” groups, and quickly. They are much more of a threat than these Africans. I don’t know what the Italian equivalent is to a 501(c)(3) charity, but any non-government organization who wants to do anything in Italy should be filtered by an opaque regulatory bureaucracy that prevents anyone from feeding the animal population.