Salvadoran Gang Member: “Murder Rampage was Not My Fault Because I’m Retarded”

The court system is now fixated entirely on maximizing chaos, suffering and death.

Thus, they will entertain the idea that a brown gang member might have committed a series of murders as a result of being mentally retarded.

“Comprende, ese, I has retardation, hombres. I did it but I’m retarded, ese. It’s not my fault, ese.”


Nevada’s Supreme Court wants to hear directly from lawyers on both sides in a death penalty dispute over how much more time public defenders should have to try to prove a Salvadoran immigrant is intellectually disabled and can’t be executed if convicted of four 2019 Nevada killings.

The justices have scheduled oral arguments April 7 on one of two appeals filed by lawyers representing Wilber Ernesto Martinez-Guzman, 22.

Public defenders say a Washoe County judge has illegally set a premature April 20 deadline to file a motion to declare him intellectually disabled — five months before the trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 20.

The high court also is considering whether Washoe and Douglas counties’ district attorneys can prosecute him in court in Reno for all four of the January 2019 homicides. His lawyers say the Washoe County grand jury that indicted him has no jurisdiction over two Douglas County killings.

Prosecutors disagree. They argue the crimes are linked, partly because the same gun was used in all four killings during an 11-day crime rampage.

Just because he committed all the murders in the same rampage doesn’t mean they were linked.

After all, he’s retarded.

Washoe County Chief Public Defender John Arrascada told Judge Connie Steinheimer during a July 2019 hearing he anticipated filing an intellectual disability motion that would bar Martinez-Guzman’s execution.

Deputy Defender John Reese Petty said in their most recent Supreme Court filings the motion hasn’t been filed yet because they’ve been unable to gather necessary evidence in Guzman’s native El Salvador due largely to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The defense says Steinheimer’s deadline violates Nevada law, which gives defendants facing the death penalty up to 10 days prior to trial to file the motion.

“This court must allow him the opportunity to investigate, collect, analyze and marshal the best and most reliable evidence on his intellectual disability,” Petty wrote.

He needs to get his papers from El Salvador to prove he’s retarded.

But the coronavirus – it’s halted the process.

The lawyers called up and were like “ese, mi cliente mucho cabron, por favor, can you text me the form that says my client is a retard?”

And the Salvadorans were like, “disculpas, amigo, I know your friend is a retard cabron, but we can’t find the form because there are too many viruses, ese. Mundo triste, ese.”

Nevada law defines “intellectually disabled” as “significant sub-average general intellectual functioning which exists concurrently with deficits in adaptive behavior and manifested during the development period.”

A clinical psychologist concluded in an evaluation that’s been sealed in district court that Martinez-Guzman’s general intellectual and cognitive test scores fell well below levels needed to satisfy key elements of Nevada’s execution exemption, the defense said.

We regret to inform you…

Hot areas produce low IQ people, because over thousands of years, intelligence was not a requirement for survival. Mostly, the requirement was violence.

Brown people have low IQs, and this really just sets up a situation where anyone who is brown can claim to be retarded, and then do any crime.

The intelligence standards were designed for white people.

Speaking of white people, this cabron killed white people on his rampage.

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is not investigating why he chose to target white people, given that if he was just a retard murdering randos, you’d think they’d be his own people.

The other thing is: why would you not execute retarded people?