Salting the Earth – Episode 50: Small Brained Nibbitry

Caerulus & Vendetta
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2017

Just Caerulus and Vendetta here for the big Five Oh. Caerulus gives us his thoughts on the state of the race in Alabama, forecasting a big win for the Judge tomorrow. After that we bullycide Pajeet the Failed Suicide Bomber – ISIS isn’t sending their best! We talk about the Muslims after that (let’s hope Caerulus is better at calling elections than keeping track of who’s Shia). The first half may be nothing to a throw a rock at, but the IQ goes up a bit in the second hour as our book review segment makes its return, with Lothrop Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, a fascinating and in many ways prescient racialist work, calling for white solidarity against the challenges of a modernizing, newly powerful Asia, a resurgent, fundamentalist Islam, and a demographically declining Europe – all this in the year 1920!

After waking up from a 10 hour sleep, all I have to say is: LOL! I can’t even keep Hezbollah and Hamas straight, I took a class on this shit in college, I’m still #fakenews !!! In any case, my point stands that not all muslims are the same, and some care about their race war against Jews more than brown sharia THOT Patrol -Caerulus Rex


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