Salon: Alt-Right is on the Verge of Taking Political Power

Daily Stormer
June 25, 2017

I hope you’ll like your new vocation as a White sharia indoctrination magazine, Salon staff.

The left is currently in a state of complete disarray.

Their activists are experiencing levels of despair never before seen.

And while leftists are always deluded that they’re rebels struggling against the evil regressive establishment, they’re noticing that it’s the first time in a very long while that politicians are trying to appeal to the far-right in order to gain votes.

And that’s making them very, very worried.

Make sure to look under your bed for Nazis tonight, Salon.


Last week’s shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the House majority whip, has focused some media attention on the relatively unfamiliar phenomenon of left-wing extremism. But other recent developments make it clear that that right-wing radicals are actually far closer to achieving real political power than their leftist rivals.

Implying “far-left activists” haven’t been in power for decades already.

The average Republican today would have been considered a radical within the Bolshevik party in the 20s. Most old-school communists wouldn’t have been on board with faggot marriage or tranny bathrooms, after all.

Even actual communists would have considered Lindsey Graham as some kind of wackjob.

Perhaps the best indicator of this trend is the fact that in Virginia, a day before the Alexandria shooting, Republicans nearly nominated a gubernatorial candidate named Corey Stewart, whose signature campaign issue was standing up for the Confederacy.

Stewart last year served as the chair of Donald Trump’s Virginia campaign — at least until he was fired over his angry protests to Republican Party officials that they weren’t supporting Trump eagerly enough. When he decided to run for governor, he took up the torch of the defeated Confederacy, assuming that its most loyal defenders would be dedicated enough to show up and vote in the Republican primary. Soon enough, he began comparing those who advocate removing Confederate monuments to members of the terrorist group ISIS.

Sounds like someone reads the Daily Stormer, huh?

ISIS or democrats? Tough call.

Old-school “Lost Cause” racists weren’t the only ones who noticed Stewart’s efforts, however. He also captured the attention of the high-tech white supremacist activists who consider themselves part of the “alt-right.”

We’ve recently covered Stewart’s election results, in which we mentioned that he ultimately cucked on the race issue.

But this isn’t really about Corey or his bid for office.

It’s about the fact that the alt-right is increasingly perceived as a significant political power, both by our enemies and normie politicians trying to get elected.

That represents an interesting shift. But we’re going to keep pushing. Our work won’t be done until future generations look upon neo-Nazi White supremacists as moderate cucks.