Saint Vincent Prime Minister Smashed in the Head with a Rock After Vaccine Mandate

No one supports these vaccine mandates, other than a ridiculous fringe of hardcore cultists.

Yet every government in the Western world is rolling them out.

That is, of course, the values of our democracy: you must be forced to do things against your will.


The prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was hospitalized after he was struck in the head by a stone during a protest against a proposed vaccine mandate, with images online showing him bloodied by the injury.

PM Ralph Gonsalves met hundreds of raucous demonstrators as he arrived at parliament on Thursday afternoon, with protesters gathering to denounce a bill that would compel Covid-19 shots for the Caribbean nation. Gonsalves’ office confirmed in a statement that he was “physically assaulted and wounded by opposition demonstrators while attempting to enter the House of Assembly.”

“Approximately 200 demonstrators, responding to a call to action from the leader of the opposition, picketed the parliament and blocked the entrance to the building,” it said, adding that when the PM was unable to enter parliament in his vehicle, he attempted to do so on foot.

“An opposition demonstrator then hurled a projectile at the prime minister, which struck him in the head, inches above the temple. The prime minister, bleeding profusely, was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital with his security detail.”

Videos from the protest have also made the rounds, with Gonsalves’ security team seen escorting him away from the parliament building amid a chaotic crowd. Other clips also showed protesters elsewhere on the island, some lighting fires in the streets.

While the prime minister’s office initially said he would remain at the hospital “overnight for observation,” the country’s Finance Minister Camilo Gonsalves – the PM’s son – said he would be flown to Barbados for further treatment, according to local media reports.

Saint Vincent is a tiny island nation. It’s a former British colony now de facto administrated by the United States.

It’s the perfect place to float the kind of hardcore agenda that the Jews are planning to roll out in large Western nations. Basically, things get tested in places like Saint Vincent, then get moved to Australia, then end up on BBC and CNN as the official doctrine of the Church of High Priest Fauci, Lord of Reality.

Of course, I don’t support hitting people in the head with rocks.

However, you have to ask: what are people supposed to do?

All of this wild lunacy is being forced on the people, and the people do not have a pathway to organize against it. All the people have is rocks.

We should probably take a minute to remember that violent protests were considered not only valid, but the peak moral imperative, exactly a year ago when the apes were going buckwild against an invisible racist conspiracy.