Sage Says Mutant Covid with 35% Death Rate Coming, Vaccines Don’t Work

Total kook freakout is back on the menu, boys!

Looks like the vaxx didn’t do anything!

We’ve got a new important report from Sage – called “The Longterm Evolution of SARS-CoV-2” – giving us the details on the next phase of this hoax.


A British government science panel has claimed that a coronavirus variant with a 35% fatality rate – akin to that seen in the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) – could emerge, and that vaccine booster doses may be needed.

A report issued on Friday by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) looked at a series of hypothetical scenarios related to Covid-19 variants, finding it a “realistic possibility” that a mutation could appear with a case fatality rate comparable to SARS (10%) or MERS (35%), both of which belong to the coronavirus family.

(SARS and MERS were also hoaxes, by the way.)

While the body said that existing vaccines would remain effective against “serious disease” from such a variant except in the case of “significant drift” in the virus’ spike proteins, it nonetheless added that “an increase in morbidity and mortality would be expected even in the face of vaccination,” as inoculation does not “fully prevent infection in most individuals.”

No, no.

Of course not.

Who would have thought such a thing?

The report suggested a number of ways to deal with a more deadly mutation, including “vaccine booster doses to maintain protection against severe disease” and measures to limit the introduction of new variants from abroad.

SAGE also considered the likelihood of a variant that “evades current vaccines,” saying that could occur in several ways. The most likely cause would be a form of genetic variation known as “antigenic drift,” which happens when a virus mutates to a point when antibodies that prevented infection caused by previous strains no longer work.

The panel deemed that “almost certain” to happen to some degree. A “worst-case” scenario described in the paper might occur when a patient’s immune system was no longer able to produce antibodies for new variants, either due to its past contact with the virus or as a result of “previously experienced vaccines.” Such a doomsday scenario would make it “difficult to revaccinate” patients, but the researchers concluded that outcome was “less likely”.


Remember that Sage is a team of mainly psychologists, not physicians or scientists. They have physicians and scientists to make themselves look credible, but at their core, it is run by psychology experts. (You can go to their website and look at the list of participants. It is overwhelmingly various types of psychologists.)

What they specialize in is creating narratives to be used by the media. Most of this current nonsense about variants was created by Sage psychologists, who then sent out shill doctors to back up their claims.

Sage has previously admitted that they use “totalitarian behavior, control and fear” to get people to go along with their agenda.

Basically, when they put stuff like the above paper out there, they’re just suggesting possible narratives that they could use against the public. Obviously, any serious scientist has already come to the conclusion that there is no threat from any coronavirus, and that in fact, there is no new virus, and this “pandemic” was created by laundering deaths from existing respiratory illnesses, along with other sources such as cancer and heart attacks (and now the vaccine itself).

A second Sage paper of interest was also released.

The same agency released a separate report on vaccines on Friday, which found that immunity is “highly likely” to diminish over time, suggesting “there will be vaccination campaigns against SARS-CoV-2 for many years to come.”

However, the report on variants also noted that the novel coronavirus could follow an evolutionary path that sees it become more transmissible but less virulent, with SAGE drawing a comparison with “common colds.” It added that, while this is “unlikely in the short term,” it could later become a “realistic possibility” as the virus fully adapts to its human hosts.

SAGE concluded that the UK should continue to “proactively support” a global vaccination drive, saying that could help  reduce the likelihood of “dangerous variants emerging in other parts of the world”. It also called for increased investment in viral surveillance to keep tabs on mutations.

Again: this is not “science,” it’s a narrative for the government and media to follow.

As we knew from the beginning – and as I continually said before the vaxx was even released – they would not end with the vaxx, but in fact it would just be the beginning, as they rolled out an endless stream of new viruses.

This virus hoax is meant to be endless. They will just keep hitting you with new nonsensical hoaxes and keep herding you towards the agenda.

The endgame is to have everyone on the planet stripped of their rights and living in tiny apartments in the city, not working, and instead being fed by a government credit system.

That is to say: everyone will be completely dependent on the government for their survival.

Eventually, they will start implanting people with microchips, with the end of controlling their brains.

Basically, these organizations are just beginning to admit that everything that I said was going to happen is their long term plan.

The vaxx is supposed to protect you from a virus that doesn’t even exist, which means that it won’t work. Because the vaxx destroys the immune system (as Sage is beginning to admit), along with causing other health problems, it will increase the general rate of mortality in the society, which they will then blame on new mutations.

The media is currently trapped between saying that the vaxx doesn’t really do anything at all, and therefore needs to be replaced with boosters, and saying that it is a panacea and that everyone who takes it reaches salvation. This is what you would call a “narrative glitch.” The reason for this glitch is that so many people are refusing the vaxx.

They have to now navigate their way to continuing to inject people with the vaxx, while also informing people that the vaxx won’t really solve any problem, because of these supposed variants.

This also means that they need to rush to vaxx more people, so that they can then inform everyone that the vaxx didn’t really do anything.