SAGE Begins Trial of Daily Stick-Up-the-Head Coronavirus Testing

These niggas tryin’ ta test me…

The Guardian:

Daily testing of the contacts of people who test positive for Covid is to be trialled, the government has announced, in a effort to reduce the need for people to self-isolate unnecessarily.

People who test positive for Covid and their close contacts currently have to self-isolate for 10 days, but recent research has suggested compliance may be low. One study found that only around a half of people who had Covid symptoms said they fully adhered to self-isolation.

That’s not because these people are evil and trying to murder others. It’s because no one really believes any of this bullshit. Even if they say they believe it, and think that they believe it, most do not actually believe it. It’s all just too dumb.

(It’s similar to the way someone will say they believe blacks are equal to whites, but when they end up on Martin Luther King Blvd, they roll up their car windows and lock the doors.)

Daily testing is something new, but it’s absolutely going to be a major thing moving forward.

The government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) had previously noted the potential for daily testing.

Modelling indicates that daily testing of contacts of confirmed cases of Covid-19 may offer a supplement or alternative to quarantine strategies. In some scenarios, daily testing offers a similar level of effectiveness to quarantine in reducing transmission,” the minutes of an 11 March Sage meeting note.

“The modelled impact is highly dependent on behavioural factors [in particular, levels of adherence for each approach], much of which is currently unknown and which would need careful consideration.”

The study will involve two types of Covid test: lateral flow and PCR tests. The former are faster and cheaper. People can take them themselves at home with results in 30 minutes. They are, however, less accurate than PCR tests. Twice weekly lateral flow tests are currently available to everyone in England for free.

If you’ve been following any of this stuff, you know that none of it is introduced randomly.

So: this is the beginning of a widespread daily testing program. It’s going to be hooked to your app, which is going to tell you when to take the test, and if you fail the test, you’ll be imprisoned or whatever.

The PCR tests require you to have that swab shoved all the way up to your brain, and sometimes the lateral flow tests are done the same way.

This graphic from the BBC also says you can do a throat-swab:

It’s not clear why they can’t just use spit – unless this is all about dehumanizing you, which it is.

SAGE is a global leader in these psychological operations. Most of this stuff that gets shoved on us by our Ultimate True Master Fauci comes from SAGE. Remember the initial fake claim of millions of dead that Fauci was spreading? Remember when he got up with Orange Man and said the hospitals would be overwhelmed and there would be bodies piling up in the street?

That fake chart and fake numbers also came from the UK – from Neil Ferguson, a prominent member of SAGE.

Go look at the SAGE Wikipedia page, and look through the people involved – most of them are either psychologists (often behavioral psychologists) or from various non-medicine related disciplines, such as computer science and artificial intelligence.

The Wikipedia page has lists of the advisory boards, and most of them they don’t explain who they are. But several are prominent enough to have their own Wiki pages. You find stuff like this:

You can also go to the UK government’s own page and click around, check out the list of people involved. They have all these different teams of psychologists. It has very little to do with epidemiology on the whole.

As we’ve said from the beginning: this is all a gigantic psychological warfare operation against the public, and forcing daily tests is part of that. These tests can of course say whatever they want them to say.

The threat of giving someone a false positive in order to throw them in the back of a van for political reasons may or may not seem far-fetched. But what is not far-fetched is the fact that this is a bunch of psychologists at SAGE implementing behavioral modification programs on the masses of people. They are getting you used to submitting to all of these strange rituals, many of which are invasive.

It’s about breaking people’s will, it’s about stripping them of their humanity, and turning them into cattle who can be marched around as their masters will it.

Imagine: they’re now beginning to admit that the masks don’t really do anything.