Safespace and Snowflake are Marvel’s New Androgynous Superhero Characters

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2020

From now on, all superheroes should be either black, gay, or both.

Daily Mail:

Hulk has superhuman strength, Iron Man a powered armour suit. But it seems Marvel’s latest heroes boast the worthiest power of all: They’re super-duper ‘woke’.

The comic book franchise is hoping to appeal to the so-called ‘snowflake’ generation by introducing two new characters – a pair of psychicpowered twins who are ‘hyper aware of modern culture’.

Snowflake, with cropped blue hair and matching leotard, is non-binary – meaning an individual who does not identify as either male or female – and can make snowflake-shaped blades for throwing.

And twin Safespace – a term used to describe an environment free of bias, conflict or criticism – can create pink force-fields for defence against any unkind enemies.

The twins, who will be introduced as part of a series called New Warriors, see their powers as ‘a postironic meditation on using violence to combat bullying,’ according to cocreator Daniel Kibblesmith.

Snowflake is the franchise’s first explicitly non-binary superhero, although Marvel writer Al Ewing previously said Thor’s nemesis, Loki, is bisexual and ‘gender fluid’.

The New Warriors series also features modern superheroes B-Negative, Screentime and Trailblazer.

Take a look at the New Warriors below.

It’s as if they were made ugly on purpose.

At least there appears to be a couple of Aryan Princesses in there, who will probably be the love interests of the new Superheroes of Color.

Look at Trailblazer’s physiognomy though.

Also look at Screentime’s dumb goblino face.

Everyone behind this The New Warriors project should be immediately jailed for visual terrorism.

Here are some pictures of a beautiful snow leopard to wash your eyes with: