Sadness: California High School Retires Arab Mascot

Daily Stormer
September 2, 2014

So long, you terrible Arab bastard.
So long, you terrible Arab bastard.
Sadness is upon us.


A Southern California high school has retired a controversial Arab mascot that prompted objections from an anti-discrimination group last year.

Coachella Valley High School’s mascot, which appears as a sneering man with a scraggly beard, hooked nose and a headscarf, has been retired, the Desert Sun reported. School officials said the old mascot will be replaced by a stoic, neatly groomed man

A belly-dancing genie that often appears with the mascot during football games was also retired, according to the report.

Racism is funny. Racial characters aren’t even necessarily “mean,” they are just meant to entertain by pointing out differences. The differences pointed out show who we are much more than they show who those we are mocking are. A people can only define itself by the difference between it and others – that is the fundamental basis of the concept of culture itself.

What sort of pussified society do we live in, where everything which exists is measured by its potential to hurt someone’s feelings?

This is what feminism has done to you, White Man. It has replaced the masculine values of our ancestors with goofy and pathetic emotional tripe.