Sadistic Homosexual Terrorist Paul Joseph Watson Tries to Cozy Up to Nick Fuentes!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2019

So I was scanning Twitter for new information about the Gamer Uprising led by Nick Fuentes, and I find a clip of the sick Talking Points USA homosexual Hunter Avallone getting rustled.

Cool, cool. I hate that little faggot. Good he’s mad.

But what’s that – there just underneath?

Yes, that my friends is the top comment on the tweet – and it is from the homosexual psychopath and anti-Chinese terror leader Paul Joseph Watson, a virulent neocon shill. And he’s giving a mildly positive response to Nick.

Let me explain to you what this is: this is the establishment sending out tentacles to try to redirect Nick back into the system now that he’s blown up in the public square.

This is what they do.

Nick has talked about how he was approached to join the mainstream conservative movement. Now, he’s about to be approached again to join the Alt-Lite, which is critical of Charlie Kirk for his stance in support of mass immigration, but not on his pro-Israel stance.

And of course, Paul Joseph Watson in particular is a supporter of foreign intervention and war against China.

He has pretty much all of the same positions as Charlie Kirk when it comes to race. He just says them in a slightly more edgy way.

But he’s a big name, right? He can lend Nick some credibility, surely?

All Nick has to do is redirect his anti-shill tour to being more about immigration and less about White Identity, Jews and Israel, and he can get in good with all kinds of big names.

Oh, and he can be protected from being banned from Twitter and YouTube. Just like Watson was protected from those bans when he split from Alex Jones.

This is how they get ya.

The system did something similar to me, trying to get me involved in retard-tier costumed neo-Nazism and/or “respectable” “race realism,” dependent on meetings in Washington and so forth. There is big money in both those spots, because they are not a threat to the system. The system understands how to deal with them.

They don’t know how to deal with Internet Meme Nationalism, which is how I got to be the most censored man in all of human history.

And they do not know how to deal with Nick Fuentes and his Gamer Uprising.

You will see them publicly try to co-opt him.

But he shall not waver.

I truly believe that he shall not waver.


Obviously, Watson is right about the Avallone video. It’s just an irrelevant and obvious point. Avallone is a first tier shill, who is put there to be attacked by second and third tier shills.

They are almost obvious liars on purpose, so that people with slightly more intelligence can oppose them and feel like they’re on the right side of things.

They are so easy to hate.

But Watson is barely any better. He is a homosexual, he is a supporter of multiculturalism, he condemns White Identity, he won’t talk (much) about Israel.

And never forget this: