Sadistic Homosexual Paul Joseph Watson Gets On-Board with Anti-Lockdown Agenda

Paul Joseph Watson disgusts me. He is a vile homosexual, he isn’t funny, and he makes memes not funny anymore when he uses them in his gay normie-tier videos.

He has continually ripped me off. That doesn’t bother me. It’s fine. Lots of people rip me off, and I actually appreciate it. But when the cocksucking sadist homo Watson isn’t ripping me off, he’s condemning me as evil. He also rips off my material selectively, and in-between taking my arguments to give himself credibility, he promotes insane neocon agendas, pushing for war against Syria, China, or whoever else.

He is literally the lowest filth on earth.

That said, I guess I’m grateful that he’s ripped off all of my memes and talking points on coronavirus and the lockdown, given that he does have a large audience of retards who are now going to spread these talking points through the tubes.

Released yesterday, the video, which is not censored because it is from a guy who promotes all of these endless wars and other Jew agendas, has nearly 300,000 views.

That’s good.

The tubes are already clogged with trash.

I’d rather have this trash than his “let’s launch a ground invasion of China” trash.