Sadistic Cuck Sends Wife’s Son To Kindergarten with Pink Nails, He Gets Bullied; Cuck Brags on Twitter

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018


This is deeply problematic, with many layers that will each require careful unpacking.

We will preface with a physical analysis of the cuck specimen. First, note the “elective” physical features. He is overweight, which is a sign of lack of impulse control. This correlates to low intelligence, but in this case, he does not appear to be below average intelligence – he is a high-performing social signaler.

Note the nervous, grimacing tone to his camera face, the wrinkles around his eyes, the beaverish overbite in his smile, and the constricted pupils. He is not relaxed. In fact, he appears distressed – the expression is meant to make you feel bad for him.

Next, we note the innate physical features. His pig-like facial structure is the classic “Untermensch” face model.

In fact, cuck dad seems to have a worse case of this face than the original Untermensch.

Next, note the body type – this is what is called an endomorph.


Associations have been previously made between body type (somatotype) and personality. You can read about these on Wikipedia if you want to learn how “racist, problematic and debunked” they are, but really, you should just learn to consciously make these observations in people you know, and see if you notice any patterns in their personality and behavior.

Thinking for yourself, and making original observations, is always a good idea.

So, anyway. This kid.


When 5-year-old Sam Gouveia came out of kindergarten and “collapsed in his mom’s arms sobbing” for wearing nail polish to school, his father was not happy.

“He called me at work,” Aaron Gouveia told “Good Morning America.” “All the other kids were saying ‘what are you doing,’ and ‘take that off, you look stupid.'”

Out of the mouth of babes…

The longer I live, the more I become convinced that we are born knowing everything we need to know, and as time goes on, we forget things and become stupider.

Sam, his dad said, “is an extraordinary kid. He has no concept of shame over nail polish.” His grandmother, Gouveia’s mom, used to be a manicurist and painted Sam’s nails often.

The unpacking begins.

Children don’t need to have a “concept of shame” about being naked or falling asleep, but they do need understand when they’re not in an appropriate situation to do that. Otherwise, they might go to class naked, or sleep on the road.

So, putting aside “shame” – we could observe that he has no sense of situational propriety.

It’s a shame that they didn’t teach him that – he might have had a better first day at school.

They seem to have other priorities.

So Gouveia, who in addition to be the dad of three boys and an executive at a public relations firm is also the dad behind the site and social media accounts called the Daddy Files. He took to Twitter to express his rage at what he called #ToxicMasculinity.

Yes – going viral on Twitter. That is clearly the more important thing.

Cuck dad’s attempt to define himself, or at least his twitter persona, around being a “Daddy” indicates a neurotic, feminine personality. Real men have real work to do, and value themselves and other men on the basis of their real work. It is usually only highly neurotic women who have time to flaunt their children and parenting as the sole measure of their own self-worth.

And the response was “overwhelming positive.”

It was the response from strangers that gave Sam the courage to keep his nail polish on. Because after school that day, his dad said, he wanted to take it off.

His parents convinced him to sleep on it. And when he woke up Tuesday, his dad said, Sam was “50-50.” But then Gouveia read him some of the comments on his now-viral tweet.

Why would these people feel the need to convince their son to not conform to the expectations of his kindergarten group, and forever be “the boy who wears nail polish”?

Why would his parents want to change his mind on this?

If your kid was being bullied for wearing an Ant Man shirt and wanted to wear something else, wouldn’t you just say whatever and tell him to wear something else then?

Anyone will always receive social pressure to stay within the boundaries of expected behavior in his group, in any social setting. It’s natural to want to fit in to your group, and this is a healthy sentiment when you’re in a healthy group.

He’s only free to choose his own identity until he wants to act normal. The moment he wants to be normal – as most people do – his parents seem to think that he’s being oppressed, and feel that they must convince him to be a social pariah in order to meet their expectations.

He is unable to please both groups.

They have trained their own son to make the world reject him so that they can fetishize his discontent on Twitter – and people can’t get enough of it.

It’s all so tiresome.

Even the “it’s all so tiresome” meme has, itself, become tiresome.

I feel the feel of this particular meme every time I read a story like this, which is now multiple times a day.

We need more tiresome memes for this recurrent situation. I’m not the only one.

This is a good example of a template for new tiresome memes.

There are many such cases.

What Ever Happened to Modesty?

Not very long ago, a kindergarten girl would have been rejected by her class and by her teachers if she came in with painted nails. This would have been seen in the same way as a kindergartener wearing lipstick and eyeliner.

If a girl were told not to wear nail polish to kindergarten, it wouldn’t go viral as an assault against her gender expression.

Let that sink in.

It would just be assumed that they didn’t want little girls to run around looking like little sex toys.

This makes everyone who sees it uncomfortable – and it should.

How did we get to this point?

Well, our journey began when we stopped shaming women for dressing like whores. Women have no real use to us other than to be sexually appealing, so they collectively decided to leverage their only asset against us by looking as sexually provocative as possible, to make us think about sex, and about them, and not about work.

In case you were wondering, this is why shills always post sexy women in slide threads. It’s meant to distract you from whatever, and make you think about sex.

Look – I can do it too.

What are you thinking about, right now?

That’s what I thought.

The end of slut-shaming has resulted in an organized campaign of sexual harassment, perpetrated by all slutty women – which is now most women – against all men who have to see them.

Once we began to cede ground on this subject, it was inevitable that we would soon end up dealing with little boys going to kindergarten dressed up like little sluts.

Perhaps the first natural metastasis of feminism, AKA “slut culture,” was “gay culture.” Sodomites claimed their right to be vain and slutty and visually loud, and engage in every vice which had been permitted to women, but denied to men.

They used to just be forced into the closet and made to act straight, which was better for everyone, most of all them. It wasn’t something we wanted to see, or encourage.

Then, I’m not sure what happened first – metrosexuals, or child beauty pageants.

It all happened very quickly.

By the time we hit the 80s, this was an image of masculinity for straight guys to look up to.

And now, we have men who think it’s acceptable to wear scarves when it’s not even cold, and we still have douchebags who think they can pull off long hair and earrings because they throw a leather jacket over it, we have hipsters, soyboys, and now… married guys who have beards, but not mustaches, who paint their nails in solidarity with their son.

Vanity, immodesty and self-adornment are a social cancer in any context.

These were once reserved to prostitutes and entertainers, which are the same thing.

Modesty allowed people to be judged on their qualities and accomplishments, which made it so that people had to be useful if they wanted to earn social praise. Now, they just have to be distracting.

(Of course, you should be clean, groomed and presentable. You should blend in, so people can focus on you and not on your appearance. That means you shouldn’t be a slob, a freak, a traffic cone, or any sort of subculture or retro-anything.)

Women were the most eager to embrace this vice, because if you take away their distracting appearance, they really don’t have much going on for them.

There’s not much inside.

Still, once we stopped shaming this antisocial behavior, it was inevitable that it would spread through other segments of the population, from sodomites to beta-males, to little girls, and now, finally, to little boys.

We’ll see if this kid makes it to 18 without getting his penis chopped off.

It could go either way at this point.

Good luck, kiddo.