Sad Day: Vegas Swastika Flag Comes Down

Daily Stormer
July 12, 2015

The swastika was flown between the US and UN flags.
The swastika was flown between the US and UN flags.

Even if I was not a Hitler supporter, I would view the idea of flying a swastika flag in protest of the war on the Confederate flag as a good move.

Sad to see it come down.


A Nazi flag that was seen flying over a northwest Las Vegas home Thursday evening had disappeared by Friday morning.

The flag, which features a Swastika on the center of a red background, was being flown in a mobile home park on Amethyst Avenue, near the intersection of Craig Road and Rancho Drive. It was flying on a single pole, with the American flag above it and the flag of the United Nations below it.

Neighbors told FOX5 they noticed the flag shortly after the controversy about the Confederate flag began.

Angel Davis, who works across the street from the home, said she couldn’t believe it.

“It’s crazy [that] you even see that flag go up and be flown so high, with no regard to anyone around you,” Davis said. “It’s offensive and bold. Very bold.”

As I always say: we need more swastika flags. They get media attention, and it is an act of desensitization.