Sackler Jews Cut Deal with Prosecutor, Win Immunity from Future Lawsuits

The so-called “opioid crisis” was actually nothing more than yet another crisis of Jewishness. OxyContin was brought to us by Purdue Pharma, owned by the Jew Sackler family.

The pills that were so addictive were handed out for minor pain. OxyContin is ultra high powered synthetic stuff, more powerful than morphine and comparable to heroin.

Of course, we’ve had normal opioid pain pills for over a century. Codeine has been around since the 1830s – it’s a light painkiller. We had Vicodin, Percocet, and others. People can get addicted to those, but it’s not a crippling addiction, and basic programs can get people off.

So what the Jews did was come up with this super powerful and super addictive painkiller and replace the use of normal painkillers, thus causing widespread addiction and more pill sales.

We now know that they literally did this on purpose.

The only way it was possible to do it was through Jewish nepotism – they have connections with the regulators first, then with the doctors’ organizations, and with the media. Even if a group of non-Jews would have wanted to do something like this, they wouldn’t have been able to because they wouldn’t have the ethnic connections necessary to grease all of the skids.

If you don’t know this word “nepotism,” you need to learn it, as it is fundamental to understanding the Jews and how they infest, exploit and ultimately destroy Christian nations.

Jews will always help other Jews, in basically any situation. And there is effectively no situation where a Jew will turn another Jew in to “goyim” authorities over some crime. Short of something extreme (like if a Jew murders another Jew), Jews do not ever consult the police or the courts when they have a dispute with one another, and instead go to the rabbis. (Look up the number of synagogues on Wall Street – when Jews commit financial crimes against one another, that’s where the issues are settled.) If a crime is committed by a Jew against a goy, the Jews do not consider it a crime.

So, even if a Jew is not actively colluding in a crime, he will ignore it. That’s how this OxyContin scam worked for so long.

Now, we are seeing the next stage of Jewish nepotism, as the Jew-run courts protect the Sacklers.

France 24:

Purdue Pharma, manufacturer of the OxyContin drug that has been blamed for the US opioid crisis, will be dissolved under a plan approved by a federal judge on Wednesday.

However, the Sackler families that founded and profited from the company will largely be shielded from further penalties, though they will pay $4.5 billion to settle the many lawsuits over the sale of opioids.

“Purdue will cease to exist, and substantially all of its operating assets will be transferred to a newly formed company with a public-minded mission of addressing the opioid crisis,” the drug maker said in a statement.

Facing an avalanche of litigation, Purdue in October pled guilty to three criminal charges over its aggressive drive to push sales of the highly addictive prescription painkiller, which stoked a nationwide addiction crisis and caused more than 500,000 overdose deaths in the United States over the past 20 years.

The company will be sold by 2024 to be replaced by a new entity managed by a trust, which will be required to “restrict the promotion of opioid products, and… ensure that all of its products, including all opioid products, are provided in a safe manner that reduces the risk of diversion.”

Purdue also will be required to create a repository for tens of millions of documents detailing its sales and marketing practices.

Purdue CEO Steve Miller hailed the agreement that brought the saga to an end, and will provide billions of dollars to National Opioid Abatement Trust (NOAT) and other organizations to deal with the consequences of the addiction crisis.

Instead of years of destructive litigation, the deal “ensures that billions of dollars will be devoted to helping people and communities who have been hurt by the opioid crisis,” Miller said in a statement.

But the order says the Sacklers “shall have no liability” for costs or fines “except to the extent resulting from fraud or willful misconduct.”

‘Off the hook’

New York Attorney General Letitia James hailed the agreement, highlighting the documents that will reveal the company’s role “in igniting the opioid epidemic.”

“No deal is perfect, and no amount of money will ever make up for the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives, the millions who became addicted, or the countless families torn apart by this crisis, but these funds will be used to prevent future death and destruction as a result of the opioid epidemic,” James said in a statement.

Yes, she’s just a good little pet, isn’t she?

Black people are so useless.

Every single black in New York knows what Jews are. Go to the 25:00 mark in this documentary.

They’ve gotten hit with as many problems as whites have by these Jews – and they actually have the ability to push back against the Jews, given that they’re an elevated and protected group.

But blacks simply cannot manage to ever do anything useful.

However, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced he will appeal the plan, calling it “flawed” and “inadequate.”

“This order lets the Sacklers off the hook by granting them permanent immunity from lawsuits in exchange for a fraction of the profits they made from the opioid epidemic — and sends a message that billionaires operate by a different set of rules than everybody else,” Ferguson said.

Somebody’s definitely playing by a different set of rules than somebody else.

That’s for sure.

The Sacklers are holding onto over $10 billion – most of it profits from the drug dealing, which the court has already ruled was part of a conspiracy to defraud the public and get them addicted to drugs.

Imagine committing any other crime and being allowed to keep the profits.

Someone could go in and write a research paper about all the Jews that helped the Sacklers get this deal. But I don’t have time to go read the court documents, and it doesn’t really matter the specifics. But just look up the Southern District of New York if you want more information. Or look up the AG’s own office staff. Either of those are going to be a majority Jewish.

People claim that Adolf Hitler – and the Europeans and Moslems before him – forced Jews to wear stars so they could oppress them. In fact, it was to identify them. If you see a drug dealer with a yellow star meeting with a prosecutor with a yellow star and a judge with a yellow star, and then watch them strike a deal, things are going to be pretty obvious.

While the people who the court admits played a role in the deaths of more than half a million Americans (almost all of them white), people whose families were affected by these drugs – the core working class supporters of Donald Trump – are being tortured in a special political prison for walking into the Capitol and taking silly selfies.

Remember what your real problem is, goy