SA: White Farmer Stabbed to Death After Intervening in a Fight Among Black Farm Workers

The poor fool.

If he’d just placed bets with family members on which negroid would win the fight like a normal person, he’d still be alive right now.

South Africa Today:

In a media statement by ‘Rural and Farmworkers Development Organization’, the sad news of another South African farmer’s murder was conveyed. “We condemn the murder of a farmer on a farm near Clanwilliam in the strongest possible terms. It is a barbaric attack on a member of the agricultural community of our beautiful region.

Agriculture is the economic hub of our region, and the West Coast is also one of the food baskets of the Western Cape, and the country. We need to protect those who work the land.

According to information, the farmer was attacked with a knife after intervening to stop a fight among farm workers. He was stabbed with a knife and died on his way to the Clanwilliam hospital.

We applaud the swift reaction of the SAPS in Clanwilliam and also that of surrounding farmers who organised search groups to help the police. We call on the police to leave no stone unturned to find the suspect. Someone dangerous is out there and needs to be arrested and charged.