SA: Four Blacks Stab Elderly White Man in Head and Back While Raiding His Farm

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

The most troubling part is that this is probably the least brutal farm attack we’ve had this month.

South Africa Today:

A farm attack took place on 28 March 2020,at 02:00 in Paarl, in the Nieuwe drift area, Western Cape province of South Africa. An elderly man (60) was attacked, assaulted and stabbed by four attackers in his home. The farmer who went outside to investigate strange noises on his farm was overpowered and stabbed in his head and back by the assailants.

The Drakenstein Farm Watch medical responders tried to stop the bleeding and decided, in absence of an ambulance, to transport the victim themselves to hospital.

Despite the efforts of the farm watch and SAPS K9 unit the suspects escaped. There have since been no arrests.