SA: Blacks Strangle White Farmer with Scarf, Cut His Arms and Genitals, Beat Up His GF

Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

Timothy Rademeyer and Dirkie Voges.

When blacks are a minority in a white country, they get affirmative action, free everything and stints as president.

But when whites are a minority in a black country, things are quite a bit different…

South Africa Today:

Farm attackers strangled a man, Timothy Rademeyer (51), with a scarf and cut his private parts with a sharp object in a barbaric attack that happened Tuesday night or in the early morning hours on Wednesday in the Welbekend area in Bapsfontein, Gauteng.

Timothy’s life partner, Dirkie Voges (61), was also seriously injured in the farm attack. The bloodied couple was found on Wednesday morning after Dirkie managed to walk to the nearest road.

A man, Mr Ian Jackson, saw Voges next to the road at around 0730 and drove to his cousin who is a paramedic and stays nearby. He and his cousin, Candice Allison, then drove to the farmhouse where a bloody scene awaited them.

They found Rademeyer with a scarf tied so tightly around his neck that they had to cut it off. Rademeyer had deep cuts to his arms, head and also private parts. Rademeyer and Voges were both also brutally beaten and kicked.

Voges sustained concussion and her ear drum has burst from the blows. Rademeyer was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

Rudi says his mother and father stayed alone and that 4-6 black men were involved in the attack.

No arrests have been made and it is suspected the attackers fled in a Bantam bakkie.

It’s always the Bantam bakkie.

“Batam” is a low-riding Ford pick-up truck. “Bakkie” is Seth Efreekin for “pick-up truck.”

And it’s always “no arrests have been made.”