SA: 79-Year-Old White Woman Hospitalized with Broken Nose After Three Blacks Invade Her Farm

Polla du Plessis

South Africa may be on lockdown, but it’s always open season for farm attacks.

South Africa Today:

The 79 year old Mrs Polla du Plessis was seriously injured in a home invasion attack which took place on a smallholding outside Vanderbijlpark in the early hours of Tuesday morning 14 April 2020. She stays in her own house on the property with her two sons who have their own houses.

Three attackers broke down the safety gate of the front door as well as the front door around 04:00, went down the passage, kicked open the sleeping room door and viciously attacked the woman, assaulting her until she lay motionless.

The attackers fled with just a cellphone. Mrs Du Plessis was taken to hospital by her children with serious injuries to her face and arms. Her nose was also broken.

There have been no arrests.