Rwanda Bans Highly Popular Skin-Bleaching Products and Tells Blacks “Love The Skin You’re In”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2019

This a low-key form of trans-racialism.

Al Jazeera:

Skin-whitening creams are being removed from shelves in Rwanda as the government enforces a ban on the products.

Sales in African countries are worth billions every year.

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African Daily Voice:

The Rwandan government has banned skin-lightening cosmetics in their country in a bid to send the “Love the skin you’re in” message.

Skin lightening is a common practice among dark-skinned people in many parts of the world and most products used for this purpose contain powerful and prohibited toxins like hydroquinone and mercury.

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“We are now putting much effort, like educating people, going around and seizing those illegal products, so we are also joining those countries who are also in this fight of the use of those illegal skin-lightening cosmetics,” said Francois Uwinkindi, Cancer Unit Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, many products’ users have expressed anger and say they have every right to choose the way they wish to look.

Many African countries have banned skin bleaching products, but laws aren’t enforced and skin-whitening creams and soaps flood the markets in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mali.

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